waaaannabee facebook saavy?!

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You Friend Anyone
You wouldn’t let strangers into your house and give them access to your personal things. Yet that’s kind of what you’re doing if you fully friend them on Facebook — or leave your MySpace page public — and let them see photos, day-to-day details, and the other names on your friends list. “If you don’t know someone in real life, don’t friend them at all,” says Parry Aftab, an Internet privacy and security lawyer. And be wary of fully friending a person you only kinda-sorta know, like a guy you chat with at work. “He can copy your info onto his own Website or distribute it via e-mail,” says Aftab. The upside to restricting your page: You’ll come off as mysterious.

You Pick an Easy-to-Guess Password
Don’t use your middle name, your pet’s name, or another common password to log in to your page. If you do, any random acquaintance who knows or can guess what these are could log in and pretend to be you, sending messages that are hurtful to others and detrimental to your rep, says Aftab. Instead, choose something less obvious, and don’t share it.

You Post Pictures of Yourself Partying Hard
“Almost all big employers now look up young applicants on Facebook or MySpace to see if anything surfaces that may indicate the person isn’t a good hire,” says Aftab. So restrict access to any suggestive photos...or don’t post them at all. “Even when you use the privacy controls, photos can still be tagged and copied onto another site,” says Aftab. “If your name is attached, anyone who Googles you will see them.”

You Update Your Status and Say Where You Are

The status update is a fun Facebook feature. And though letting your friends know you’re going to a specific club for the night or leaving for vacay tomorrow seems innocuous, you’re essentially telling everyone your location and when you won’t be home — setting yourself up to have someone come by your social event unexpectedly or burglarize your apartment, says social-media expert Ryan Hupfer, with PhotoCrank in Palo Alto, California.

You Make Identifying Details Public

Posting a cute photo of yourself in front of your house, with the street number in view, lets anyone with access to your page know where to find you. Another reason to never post your name, address, or date of birth is to avoid identity theft. “With these details, a credit-card account can be created in your name,” says Anastasia Goodstein, founder of Ypulse, a generation-Y marketing Website.


5 Simple Steps That Help Fresh Flowers Last!

Spring flowers are the perfect pick-me-up for yourself or your sweetie. Make sure your bouquet stays fresh its longest by following these simple steps.
  1. Prepare a solution of warm water and a flower food packet, or mix 2 tbsp fresh lemon or lime juice and 1 tbsp sugar per quart of water.
  2. Fill a vase with the solution to within 1-2 inches of the rim.
  3. Remove any leaves and foliage that would fall under the water line.
  4. Cut each stem at about one-half inch from the bottom, at a 45 degree angle, with a sharp single blade knife or floral clippers.
  5. Display arrangement in a cool location between 65-72 degrees and away from direct sunlight and heat or dehumidifying sources.

c'est la vie! follow your inner Frenchie to a healthier life!

In the land of croissants, cheese and wine, how do French people manage to stay healthy and trim?

1.    Eat fiber every day:  Fiber slows down sugars, “soaks up” fat, and cleanses and regulates the digestive track. Where to find the best sources? Raw veggies (in moderation), or two teaspoons of oat or wheat bran mixed into yogurt or applesauce will do the trick.

2.    Take vitamins every day: Americans suffer from all sorts of vitamin deficiencies as a result of our culture’s obsession with refined foods. Take back your health with a daily multivitamin taken during a meal.

3.    Moderate salt intake: Ah, salt. The flavorful seasoning we love to hate and hate to love. Whatever you do, don’t drive yourself crazy — the  “no salt” rule is just not realistic. Just be smart about it: try mixing a little salt into an herb and spice mix (or use an Herbes de Provence mix) to season your food. Remember to never re-salt after cooking.

4.    Learn to identify the difference between a good fat and a bad fat: Bad fats are of the saturated variety (think bacon and egg yolks). Good fats are of the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated varieties (like fish, olive oil, nuts, and avocados).

5.    Walk, walk, walk: French women don’t belong to “gyms.” They just walk everywhere. Walking is the single best method for regulating metabolism, nervous system and blood sugar level.

6.    Remove the “extreme diet” lingo from your vocabulary: They don’t work. Why? Because historically, people don’t stick to them, which creates a yo-yo effect, which paves the way for obesity. The best diet is “rebalancing” the neurodigestive circuits, which ultimately leads to healthy weight loss and achievement of your “ideal weight.”

7.    Understand glycemic and Slim-Data food indexes: This will help you recognize the impact foods have on organs and digestion.

8.    Learn the essentials of balanced meals: The importance of fruits, vegetables and herbs to balance out protein and fat consumption is the essence of any healthy diet.  Add in healthy doses of non-sparkling, room temperature water throughout the day and you’ve got a recipe for perfection.

9.    Appreciate the notion that “time” is on your side: Sure, you can’t turn back the hands of time, but you can make each tick more enjoyable. This means, enjoy the time you spend cooking a meal (it’s great stress relief) and savor each bite slowly (it improves assimilation and is better for digestion).

10.    Keep your emotions in check: Stress and emotional pressure have a major impact on our metabolic balance. So take five minutes before and after each meal to just sit, relax, and breathe. Your body (and mind) will thank you!


Bringing home the bacon.

Bacon perfume just seems wrong.. but that's just me.

spring cleaning for facebook.

Found this little gold nuggett article while parusing on glamour.com this morning.


A website called "Reppler" that was created for job seekers has now expanded, becoming popular with anyone who has a facebook (which is a large portion of the population.) What this site does is it goes through your ENTIRE profile then will highlight anything that would be considered questionable, raise an eyebrow to anyone who can see your jank or unsafe (spam, photos, status updates, wall posts, swear words, etc.)  I'm positive most of us can relate that it can be extremely difficult to keep your entire content squeaky clean but it's completely free and should take around 10-20 minutes to run. So why not just give it a try to see what reppler digs up on you!

Maine: "The Way Life Should Be" indeed!

(kudos to yahoo news & my sistah for posting this link)

Study: Maine the most peaceful U.S. state, Louisiana the least

A study by the Institute for Economics and Peace finds that Maine is the most peaceful state in the country, while Louisiana is the least peaceful.
The inaugural United States Peace Index purports to be the first state-by-state ranking of America based on levels of peace. The group's standard for measuring a state's serenity was rather simple: "absence of violence." Using data compiled from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the group focused on homicide rates, percentage of population that is jailed, availability of small arms, number of police officers and overall violent crime rate.
And despite what you may think, with all the mass public protests going on around the country in the last couple of years, the index claims that America is getting more peaceful as a whole, with neither Republican nor Democratic states having any sort of an advantage over each other.
"The USPI report reveals that peace in the United States has improved since 1995 primarily driven by a substantial decrease in homicide and violent crime," the IEP says on its website, adding that "peace is significantly correlated with factors related to economic opportunity, education and health."
The group lists the ten most peaceful states in order as: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Minnesota, North Dakota, Utah, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Washington. And here are the least (also in order, with Louisiana leading the unrest): Louisiana, Tennessee, Nevada, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Maryland.
It's worth noting that Louisiana was ranked as the laziest U.S. state in a separate study last year. Apparently, kicking back and taking it easy doesn't amount to a life of calm in the eyes of some, though many Louisianians, this reporter among them, would probably argue that they're not lazy or non-peaceful, just misunderstood.


The long & skinny of the matter is, we got a lot to offer:
1.) lobster.
2.) blueberries.
3.) delicious beer (Gritty's, shipyard, seadog.. need I go on?)
4.) Patrick Dempsey.
5.) LL Bean.
6.) Stonewall Kitchen.
7.) the whoopie pie (two thick cakey chocolate halves sandwiching a gob of overly sweet frosting) is now our official state treat.. TAKE THAT PENNSYLVANIA! (but please don't get confused, the blueberry pie is our state dessert)
8.) Sunday River.
9.) Sugarloaf.
10.) a beautiful coastline, state parks.
11.) the show "Murder She Wrote" was loosely based on a town in Maine.
12.) the soda "Moxie" was invented in Lisbon Falls.
13.) the earmuff was invented in Farmington.
14.) Stevens Avenue in Portland has the unusual coincidence of having an elementary school, middle school, two high schools, and a college all situated on it.. impresssssive!
15.) lastly, we are called "Vacationland" for a reason.
(there are PUH-LENTY of other great things, but I just got lazy. don't judge.)

somebody's got a case of the Monnnnnnday's!

Buongiorno ladies n' gents,

I have finally decided to create a blog dedicated to openly discuss the things I love to help myself cut back on posting random findings on FB. So on that note, if health, wellness, food, beauty, interior design photos, westies, or just misc. silly findings are not your steez (style) then you have come to the wrong place, my friend(s). Hoping to interest some people out there with my posts but please don't fret this will not become a day-to-day venting session about how much my day sucked.. no way Jose.. not how this lady rolls.  So, enjoy the inner workings of my crazy brain & silly life. Hope the caffiene has kicked in for everyone this dreary Monday morning. Ciao!

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