A perfect rant for a Tuesday

Is about the black hole of a vortex (as I dubbed it) Pinterest.

Seriously people, is it just me or do others go on a pinning rampage then discover that a whole 45 minutes has gone by? I could get lost on this site; it's slightly ridiculous.

And then there are the boards. I have a minor OCD issues about my boards where I have specific ones for certain genres, say for example a specific one dedicated to Halloween. But man, I tell you I have stumbled upon some people out there who are so many boards for extremely specific photos like "Bikes" then I click on it out of curiosity only to discover 4,000 images of bicycles. Holy moly!

I almost pity people who sit in front of a computer all day on these sites, because it's not a reality. Don't get me wrong, I love pinterest and think it's a great tool for creating outfits but only in moderation. Confession time! I actually have been weaning myself from it for a while now only because it's such a time suck for me.  

What do you think? have people gone pin-crazy or is this all in my head?

Manic Monday

What happens when you roll and hyperextend your ankle on a Sunday? Your boyfriend treats & fetches you lunch from Aurora Provisions (heaven on earth in the west end) ain't he swell?!

I highly recommend the Aurora's famous mozzarella sandwich with avocado to replace tomato on the leaven bread instead of focaccia. And if you are still hungry after that monster sandwich their desserts are exceptionally delicious and lovely.

Sunday morning rain is falling.

It's one of those days where after brunch J. and I just want to crawl back into bed and watch a movie while there's a soft gentle rain trickling down our windowsill. Oh wait! Just kidding.. places to go and projects to finish.

And to my sister, can I please get godchild that fuzzy lamb suit? Maybe they make em' in our size!

Final Touches

Little things go along way.

Heated Affair

And no, I'm not talking about this.


However I am talking about a tasty concoction called the "Heated Affair" from restaurant Grace in Portland. It's a house infused strawberry-jalapeno-pineapple tequila margarita, it's the perfect amount of spicy to sweet ratio in every sip.

My friend Emma (basically the coolest girl around with a cherry on top) met me for a drink last night to catch up and discuss about all things amazing. Such fun!

All and all it was a wonderful way to spend some time in the city with great company.

I highly recommend Grace. The food and drink options are incredible and ambiance of the building itself is heavenly (pun intended) Check it out!

In other news, I have a sock in my hair today. Happy Friday, beauties. Cheers!



When we got our house under contract and finally met with the owners, we learned that the man who owned the house before us cultivated Asiatic lilies. We were thrilled to say the least, it was just another reason why we felt this house was meant for us. 

Being so busy with multiple projects we didn't really have time this year to plant all the flowers we hoped for, so luckily we inherited some beauties. Next year will be a whole different story, since nothing has been fertilized in over five or so years.. our green thumbs are twitching with excitement.



I always find myself singing this song when I'm strolling around my gardens. It makes the flowers grow bigger, right?

ULTRA big exciting news!

 I am going to be a Godmother!

To my sister and brother in law,

I could not be happier for the both of you. This baby is also so very fortunate that she (really hoping it's a girl) will have such amazing parents. I promise to shower her with love, affection & the most adorable clothing. So proud to call you my people. Now please excuse me while I go be a basket case and cry some big salty tears of joy.

All of my love, seriously.. you can have it ALL.

Shiny Brand New Shirt

Top: Ruche. Skirt: H&M. Shoes: Target. Watch: Vintage.

Do you ever get worried when you purchase an item of clothing online? Is it going to be cute? will it fit me the right way? etc. I had such concerns when I ordered this blouse. I just started to get the courage to purchase a few items from an online store Ruche. Sure everything looks amazing on the website, but how is it going to hold up in reality? 

I'm the person who goes into a store and touches EVERYTHING. Then proceeds to check the tag to see washing instructions and the fabric content. Yes, It's obnoxious but if I'm spending my money I want to know what exactly I'm purchasing.  I also tend to buy things for occasions that I want to happen say for example, a dinner party- but they never happen and if I buy something expensive I have a period where I am afraid to wear it because I don't want anything to happen to it. Weird yes, but the G's honest truth (Not so much anymore, my clothes shopping has come to an almost complete halt since buying the farm).

When it finally arrived, like a child on Christmas morning I tore the bag open and squealed in sheer excitement. Then gave J. the official fashion show, he also doubles as my personal fashion consultant. It got a two thumbs up and a kiss. 

So back to the point! got this shirt over a week ago and decided to break it out and wear it to work when it felt like the "right" day.. well, today was it. Gave myself a pep talk, put on my pencil skirt, the new blouse and away I went. I dress more conservative for work since it's a law firm, so I get nervous when I bust out such bold choices, sure I like it, but is it going to fly with my bosses? Two compliments and no raised eyebrows later my stomach settled. Don't you just love my short little legs? don't be hatin' cause I'm 5'2'.

Here's to me being bold and trying to break free of a sea of neutral colors. Whatcha think people? you like?
In other news, I had a cupcake for breakfast. How you doin?


Weekends are for..

- Becoming reacquainted with your mind blowing soft bathrobe. Oh! the coziness!

- Getting your hands dirty when weeding your herb garden.

- Eating so much watermelon that you thought you might pop.

- Iced chai tea. Period.

- How squiggly puppies get when you brush them.

- Deep cleaning your apartment.

- Forgetting to put sunscreen on your arms and neck (I know, I KNOW!) thus perfecting your farmers tan.

- Spray painting where poison ivy is located (You can no longer hide, PI.)
Step 1) locate it. Step 2) destroy it.

- Taking Pippy the Volvo for long drives with the windows down.

- Not wearing any make up.

 All this left my body tired, tan and sore. The good kind of sore though, the one you get when it feels like you accomplished a lot.

Happy Weekend to All!

Good morning ladies & gents,

Is it just me or was last night the perfect sleeping weather? 

I'm not sure if I will be on here for the weekend-
Lot's of house projects to wrap up, we're almost a week past our move in date AND to top it off I'm so so SO far behind on packing up all of our jank. Good thing I packed up all of our books first.. said no one ever. Hopefully stress ball Maggie will stay put and decide not to visit? fingers crossed for everyone involved. Maybe I will let boyfran take me out to brunch at the most wonderful place in town on Sunday, if he's luck I might even let him pay.
Five Good Things:

1.) The muggy weather has gone elsewhere, so I can finally regain my exercise program.

2.) Purchased two things from my new fave online store Ruche. A dress for a wedding and a blouse for work. (When undergoing a huge renovation, one finds that previous purchases such as clothing then dwindles and then switches to places like say for example, Home Depot.)

3.) July is coming to an end. Mumford and Sons concert, you're so close I can almost taste you and you're very delicious.  
4.) Yesterday I inherited a few large pieces of antiques that are also family heirlooms. Hooray to more furniture that I have no where to store at the moment.                                
5.) Grocery shopping is all covered for the week. Our kitch is filled to the brim with so many gloriously beautiful fruits and veggies. Goodbye take out bloat!

That's all I got for now, party people. Keep on keepin on.



It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Allergy season. Thank you pollen and ragweed for making me sound like a nasally nosed nerd.

I'm one of those crazy people who refuses to take medication unless it's really needed and I am about to lose a limb. I also believe that leaving the windows open at night is better than an AC (lower electricity bill and my skin doesn't get dry)

So just picture me, about ready to go to bed all stuffed up, crumpled tissues everywhere and making the most epic noises. It's a beautiful sight, it really is. And the mornings are, get this! EVEN WORSE. J. and I should win awards for this really, we do make quite a pair of snuffleupagus'.

In other news, I'm traveling west today to my hometown for some antiques. It's only an hour and a half drive but I pass through two countries to get there, Peru then Mexico. Jealous?

It's almost Friday, kiddos. Haza!


Not a bad comparision after all.

I'm sorry this is the 100,000 time I have brought up this topic within the past two weeks. But lets beat that horse one more time then drop the stick. Shall we?
I groan every time I get compared to Anne Hathaway.
Maybe it was her in The Princess Diaries that made me hate her so?
I am not really sure, but after 20 or so people have pointed this so called "resemblance" out I suppose I should get used to it.
Two days ago J. told me that David Letterman interviewed "some actress that was a spitting image to Audrey Hepburn, who looked just like moi"
When I check it out, who was it? Anne Hathaway. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
I wish I looked like Audrey more than Anne. Whatevs. Here's the clip of the interview.
WARNING: spoiler alert for the new Batman movie. You have all been warned!



I have a west highland terrier and his name is Charles. I adopted him March 18th 2006, he was only 3 months old. When I hear parents talk about their children and how quickly they grow up, I often in my head say "yeah I know one minute he was a puppy and now look at him six years old!" I cry every year on his birthday. (January 5th just in case anyone was curious. Presents are always welcome.)

We make a really good human-canine team and through the years we have been through a lot together. When I had my appendix out and had to come home from college, who slept on my bed and hung out with me while I was drugged up on pain meds? Charles. Who was there to save his life when my old apartment neighbors TWO pit bulls attacked and almost killed him?(I get teary eyed just typing that) this gal.

I hold him in the air above my head and sing enthusiastically "Circle of Life", he knows the command "kisses", he's always down for a heart to heart chat, how insane he gets when I give him carrots with peanut butter and comes inside when I call him Pocahontas. If you haven't got the picture yet, my dog is my son. He loves J. and I to no end and the feeling is mutual from us. He does get special treatment compared to our Labradors and when J. says "Oh, I thought we agreed no dogs on the couch?" I bat my eyelashes and respond "well yes darling, but he is Charles and is more cat like than dog." Bottom line, he's the bees knees.

When anything is wrong with him even if it is so minor I panic. I get stressed and coddle him which he loves, because lets be honest who would turn down extra momma snuggles? So to get to the point of my post for today, I found ear mites on him last night. I should've known! if shaking his head and itching his ears was not a dead give away! in times like this I question, WHERE was my maternal instinct? was it on coffee break?

He's fine. Has to go to the vet, but it's minor, just some ointment and super ear cleaning for the next 4 weeks. Well, I hope that is the only thing. Remember: positive thinking. So everyone who reads this, keep this poor little pups left ear in your thoughts.I greatly appreciate it.

The heat.. it's hot

15 days till August.
46 days till September.
47 days till an EPIC wedding. KateannnndJason!
67 days till Autumn.
75 days till October.

But whose counting?

Also, I have 1 comment posted and 1 follower.
Really grateful for everyone who checks this out and reads my ridiculous posts.
I am a happy lass.

It's official, I found my twin

And it's not Anne Hathaway.
She works in my building and by the looks of it her name starts with M too (she sports a monogrammed LL Bean Tote.) We've been in the elevator together twice, but out of respect I refrained from declaring "Hey M. I really like your bone structure." Did I mention she dresses well? Thank god. This is crucial if we're going to be sharing face.

Anyway, my Monday has been a really terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I forgot sweaty, disgustingly sweaty. Best part? my hair was doing that thing I like AND I'm cat sitting next week for a coworker.
1.) I feel honored that someone trusts me enough to take care of their animal. Not that I am untrustworthy, it's just a big deal. Maybe it's not but it makes me feel important and sleep better at night.
2.) I don't have a # 2.. back to my story!
SO I needed to get the lay of the land and I got to visit his darling wife and two very squiggly yet beautiful corgis! Molly and Sid. Love me some corgis. 

I'm thinking sushi for dinner. I'm sure it won't take much persuasion with J. Seriously, if I have to turn on the one appliance that makes turns our house 1,000,000 degrees I swear I will punch someone in the big toe. I hate the oven so much these days it makes me mad just thinking about it sitting there in the kitchen, minding it's own business. I will acknowledge it when it's apple pie season.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Tell me 'bout it! I wanna know!


One weekend; two parties

My entire weekend was dedicated to family.

Hometown on Saturday to bury my Grandmother, Grandfather & Uncle. Followed by a gathering at my Grandmother's house. If I had to use one word to summarize that day would be bittersweet.

Father's house today to wish my (other) Grandmother a very happy 80th. First time I have seen her in over a year and was great to catch up with her and tell her all about my current life. Rachel & Jason, I missed you both!

OH and this morning I put switch plate covers up at the house. What a difference it made.
Annnnd I'm spent. Now please excuse me while my face melts off.

How could I forget? IT'S DATE NIGHT!

For a week I have been waay wayyy excited for this Friday the 13th because, my darling oh so sweet man is taking me to our fav place for Italian.

Let this be known, I'm a major Italian food snob. Turn-my-nose-up-at-canned-sauce-because-no-one-makes-it-better-than-me-kinda-snob. So me going to a restaurant that is solely dedicated to pasta is monumental.

So when I get home I will have to doll myself and dress to kill for a night on the town.

With any hope we will end up with the same piece of spaghetti and kiss.. then he will push the last meatball over to me with his nose. One can only hope for such things.

Now please puh-lease 'scuz me while I squiggle with excitement for the next 8 hours.

Lucid Dreaming

I've been experiencing some ca-razay dreams lately. I am also one of those weirdos who looks into the meaning of a dream.

Last night I dreamed that the major river I live by flooded, but before this happened it was a very dry piece of land which a lot of people camped at. No one knew that a heavy rainstorm was brewing and they all drowned. I discovered this when I went to go on the bridge that takes me over the once dry epic camp ground to find myself and my poor Volvo sinking in a deep muddy river and a washed out bridge. I ditched my car then trucked it back home (where my kitchen had been changed up ala Betty Draper style in Mad Men) Side note: stop watching that show before bed!

Two majorly significant parts:

1.) River.

 Alternatively, a river symbolizes joyful pleasures, peace, prosperity and fertility. If you are crossing a river in your dream, then it represents an obstacle or issue that you need to deal with in order to move closer toward your goal. It is also reflective of a new stage in your life. If the river is muddy, then it indicates that you are in turmoil.

To see a raging or an overflowing river in your dream signifies that your life is feeling out of control. You are feeling emotionally unsettled. Alternatively, this dream means you are ready to confront life's challenges and life's twists and turns.  

2.) Flood.

 To dream that you are in a flood represents your need to release some sexual desires. If the flood is raging, then it represents emotional issues and tensions. Your repressed emotions are overwhelming you. Consider where the flood is for clues as to where in your waking life is causing you stress and tension. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are overwhelming others with your demands and strong opinion. Still another interpretation could be your desire to wipe everything clean and make a fresh new start.

This is all relevant to real world Maggie. I'm up to my ski slope nose with stress routed from all directions in my life momentarily. Really hoping when we move life will slow down again for both J. and I. Crossing my fingers we will get to enjoy the end of summer for a brief moment and (this may be pushing it buuut) use our neglected BOAT! The poor thing just whimpers and pouts whenever we go over to visit it and I pat it and say "soon, my dear. soon!" I hope it doesn't feel like the ugly step child who is never allowed in the family Christmas card.

Anyway, me and my sassypants are going to have a busy weekend with family, and really hot weather but most importantly EPIC food. Feeling the bloat coming on and I embrace it. Cheers.


P.S What is everyone doing this weekend? Please tell me so I can be jeals of your cool lives. Please?

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Dear Jcrew,

I am writing this post to you as a plea for sponsorship. I have been a loyal customer to you since the dawn of time. Please check my account- you would be seriously impressed with the amount of money I have given over the years. Oh and check my grandmother's too, she helps my cause to look good come every September. I would represent the company well on here if you would honor me the choice to pick some outfits per season. If it gets your attention I will post photos whenever I put an outfit together wearing your clothes then send the links of pieces to your site. Please take this request into consideration.


OH and would you please mention my name to Madewell? if it's not too much to ask. I've never bought anything from them but I look at their site often and admire their collections. Ciao!

A very Audrey morning indeed.

I love Audrey Hepburn.. not just Breakfast at Tiffany's (I could watch that movie on repeat.. and I have..) but all the classics. I know I am not alone in this love affair with this lady. But I thought I would just share my morning with you all because, this is my blog, which is an online journal sooo.

Woke up, did my normal routine.
When choosing my outfit for work I have to remember the elements. Sure it's 80 outside but in the office world it's usually around 60 degrees and I will have my mini space heater on. Which brings me to my cardinal rule: ALWAYS alwaysalways bring a cardigan. My sensational Grandmother who I love more than life itself taught me this when I was a very young girl and it has always stuck (I will soon post about my Grandmother's commandments, did I mention how wonderful she is?) Anyways, what was I talking about? OH my outfit. I have a very serious addiction to stripes, thus a pretty impressive collection of striped tees that range in the width of the stripe to the arm length. Can't get enough of them. It's ridiculous. So I felt my  jcrew 3/4 sleeve white with mini black horizontal stripes paired with my always a safe bet black straight leg ankle cut trousers with black patent flats would work for today. I would've wore my absolute favorite flats in the entire world, my cheetahs which I wear almost every single day of my life and also stripes and cheetah print? that's hot.. but it was going to be day 3 of wearing them and I thought they needed a break. Grandfathers gold watch and two stacked gold rings and I was out the door.

I left my car elsewhere and wait for it, J's truck was dead! We both panicked but he thrives in these situations, me on the other hand it might as been the end of the world- running around the house huffing and puffing like a lunatic. J. called a CAB! how swanky. I never ever get to ride in cabs so please excuse me if I feel like Ms. Fancy Pants for a few. Bottom line, got to work and J. went with me so I would not be alone. Love that man.

So back to my point about the topic of this post, not only did I wear a great classic outfit BUT the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's when she gets out of the cab, eating her croissant and drinking her coffee strolling down 5th avenue was practically me this morning minus the black evening gown tiara combo. It was all kosher and I do believe I would've made Ms. Hepburn proud.

So I will leave you with this beautiful song from the movie so you all can scoop it up and kiss it all over.


A typical evening 'round here

J. and I both agreed that around 9pm we were hungry. Having two beautiful chicken breasts in the fridge, a bowl full of plump delicious lemons and all the right herbs and spices to make a uber fab dinner.. weee decided that Thai take out was the road we wanted to venture down. Listening to him order on the phone having to spell then re spell our street address because they never understand him is something that will never cease to amaze me.

Sitting here with my meal and my babe in our comfy home attire with the TV on; this is one of those moments that I want to bottle up tight and pack away to reminisce about when I'm having the mean reds.

That is all.

Hugs, Kisses & Late Night Snuggles.

Wonky Hump Day

Good morning, party people.

Normally I'm very on the ball about certain information, say, what day it happens to be. This morning although is a horse of a different color. My conversation with the lobby security guard (we're Best Friends. NBD.)

Him: Good Morning, Maggie! how are you doing today?
Moi: Lovely for a Tuesday! yourself?
Him: (pause) Maggie.. it's Wednesday.
Moi: Really? oh. well.. uhh. Happy Wednesday to you then, sir!
Him: (Laughing hysterically.)
Moi: (Attempting to shuffle fast across the lobby with my tail between my legs which is difficult because I wore my purple maxi dress today.)

I blame my strange dreams about breeding hedgehogs for being in a fog.

OH and another person said I look like Anne Hathaway.. still unsure how I feel about that.

So on that note, I am going to enjoy another cup of coffee. It's never a dull moment around here.

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