A perfect rant for a Tuesday

Is about the black hole of a vortex (as I dubbed it) Pinterest.

Seriously people, is it just me or do others go on a pinning rampage then discover that a whole 45 minutes has gone by? I could get lost on this site; it's slightly ridiculous.

And then there are the boards. I have a minor OCD issues about my boards where I have specific ones for certain genres, say for example a specific one dedicated to Halloween. But man, I tell you I have stumbled upon some people out there who are so many boards for extremely specific photos like "Bikes" then I click on it out of curiosity only to discover 4,000 images of bicycles. Holy moly!

I almost pity people who sit in front of a computer all day on these sites, because it's not a reality. Don't get me wrong, I love pinterest and think it's a great tool for creating outfits but only in moderation. Confession time! I actually have been weaning myself from it for a while now only because it's such a time suck for me.  

What do you think? have people gone pin-crazy or is this all in my head?


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