I have a west highland terrier and his name is Charles. I adopted him March 18th 2006, he was only 3 months old. When I hear parents talk about their children and how quickly they grow up, I often in my head say "yeah I know one minute he was a puppy and now look at him six years old!" I cry every year on his birthday. (January 5th just in case anyone was curious. Presents are always welcome.)

We make a really good human-canine team and through the years we have been through a lot together. When I had my appendix out and had to come home from college, who slept on my bed and hung out with me while I was drugged up on pain meds? Charles. Who was there to save his life when my old apartment neighbors TWO pit bulls attacked and almost killed him?(I get teary eyed just typing that) this gal.

I hold him in the air above my head and sing enthusiastically "Circle of Life", he knows the command "kisses", he's always down for a heart to heart chat, how insane he gets when I give him carrots with peanut butter and comes inside when I call him Pocahontas. If you haven't got the picture yet, my dog is my son. He loves J. and I to no end and the feeling is mutual from us. He does get special treatment compared to our Labradors and when J. says "Oh, I thought we agreed no dogs on the couch?" I bat my eyelashes and respond "well yes darling, but he is Charles and is more cat like than dog." Bottom line, he's the bees knees.

When anything is wrong with him even if it is so minor I panic. I get stressed and coddle him which he loves, because lets be honest who would turn down extra momma snuggles? So to get to the point of my post for today, I found ear mites on him last night. I should've known! if shaking his head and itching his ears was not a dead give away! in times like this I question, WHERE was my maternal instinct? was it on coffee break?

He's fine. Has to go to the vet, but it's minor, just some ointment and super ear cleaning for the next 4 weeks. Well, I hope that is the only thing. Remember: positive thinking. So everyone who reads this, keep this poor little pups left ear in your thoughts.I greatly appreciate it.


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