Friday Mornings nom-noms!

Good morning ladies & gents.

My darling coworker, Jason felt it necessary to pick up some yummy cookies for us on his way to work this morning. Way better snack option then the nectarine I brought from home. He is just one of those people that I wish I had a tape recorder constantly rolling when he's around because he is just about the funniest, saltiest man ever. He keeps me in tears. Love him.  


I sincerely hope everyone is taking full advantage of this gorgeous stretch of weather we've been blessed with, and for the middle of the US I will be performing a rain dance in your honor when I get out of work. (Save the corn!) Wishing everyone a very very verrry happy Friday and rest of the weekend. Please stop by in the next two days, there is renovation photo updates & an epic lobster bake/going away party on Sunday that needs to be documented. Cheers.



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