Half Way There

It's official. We're half way thru Summer, (well at least in my mind, only because I consider September 1st as the first day of Autumn.) NOW, that being said, I'm not some crazy lass who hates sunshine, warm weather and other activities you can only due for these short three months. There is just something about that magical time of year when it finally rolls around.

- It's the perfect temperature.
- The food, drinks and outdoor activities available are the best.
- Coffee tastes better.
- The crunching of the leaves beneath my feet is the most satisfying sensation.
- The hues of the landscape that almost don't look real.
- I will not even begin to discuss my never ending love affair with the clothes.

It is without a single doubt in my brain my absolute favorite time of year. But I think I can hold off for 61 more days, that gives me puh-lenty of time to think about what new clothes I need to purchase and now since I have a gorgeous farm house there are pumpkins to be grown and decorations to dream of .

So for now I will sit back, sip on some lemonade out of mason jar and enjoy the second half of the summer, because I need to live in the here and now (I have been trying to live in the moment more often) For now, I will resist the urge to look at any photos of foliage.. OKAY, just one then I am all set.



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