Happy Weekend to All!

Good morning ladies & gents,

Is it just me or was last night the perfect sleeping weather? 

I'm not sure if I will be on here for the weekend-
Lot's of house projects to wrap up, we're almost a week past our move in date AND to top it off I'm so so SO far behind on packing up all of our jank. Good thing I packed up all of our books first.. said no one ever. Hopefully stress ball Maggie will stay put and decide not to visit? fingers crossed for everyone involved. Maybe I will let boyfran take me out to brunch at the most wonderful place in town on Sunday, if he's luck I might even let him pay.
Five Good Things:

1.) The muggy weather has gone elsewhere, so I can finally regain my exercise program.

2.) Purchased two things from my new fave online store Ruche. A dress for a wedding and a blouse for work. (When undergoing a huge renovation, one finds that previous purchases such as clothing then dwindles and then switches to places like say for example, Home Depot.)

3.) July is coming to an end. Mumford and Sons concert, you're so close I can almost taste you and you're very delicious.  
4.) Yesterday I inherited a few large pieces of antiques that are also family heirlooms. Hooray to more furniture that I have no where to store at the moment.                                
5.) Grocery shopping is all covered for the week. Our kitch is filled to the brim with so many gloriously beautiful fruits and veggies. Goodbye take out bloat!

That's all I got for now, party people. Keep on keepin on.




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