How could I forget? IT'S DATE NIGHT!

For a week I have been waay wayyy excited for this Friday the 13th because, my darling oh so sweet man is taking me to our fav place for Italian.

Let this be known, I'm a major Italian food snob. Turn-my-nose-up-at-canned-sauce-because-no-one-makes-it-better-than-me-kinda-snob. So me going to a restaurant that is solely dedicated to pasta is monumental.

So when I get home I will have to doll myself and dress to kill for a night on the town.

With any hope we will end up with the same piece of spaghetti and kiss.. then he will push the last meatball over to me with his nose. One can only hope for such things.

Now please puh-lease 'scuz me while I squiggle with excitement for the next 8 hours.


  1. I wanna see your outfit!!!!!

  2. I will have to take a photo of it, since I did not document on the actual day of. It was mighty spicy!


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