It's official, I found my twin

And it's not Anne Hathaway.
She works in my building and by the looks of it her name starts with M too (she sports a monogrammed LL Bean Tote.) We've been in the elevator together twice, but out of respect I refrained from declaring "Hey M. I really like your bone structure." Did I mention she dresses well? Thank god. This is crucial if we're going to be sharing face.

Anyway, my Monday has been a really terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I forgot sweaty, disgustingly sweaty. Best part? my hair was doing that thing I like AND I'm cat sitting next week for a coworker.
1.) I feel honored that someone trusts me enough to take care of their animal. Not that I am untrustworthy, it's just a big deal. Maybe it's not but it makes me feel important and sleep better at night.
2.) I don't have a # 2.. back to my story!
SO I needed to get the lay of the land and I got to visit his darling wife and two very squiggly yet beautiful corgis! Molly and Sid. Love me some corgis. 

I'm thinking sushi for dinner. I'm sure it won't take much persuasion with J. Seriously, if I have to turn on the one appliance that makes turns our house 1,000,000 degrees I swear I will punch someone in the big toe. I hate the oven so much these days it makes me mad just thinking about it sitting there in the kitchen, minding it's own business. I will acknowledge it when it's apple pie season.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Tell me 'bout it! I wanna know!



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