Movin' On Up!

This past weekend my father dropped off moving boxes for J. & I to help us out. As thankful as I am for this free gift, it's a reality that this is actually happening and this property we've loved, slaved over and wanted to be at since November is going to be our home soon.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to start the process but another part of me is a little sad.
I have had 3 previous apartments and growing up I moved 7 times with my family, so this idea of having a permanent location is both exciting yet overwhelming. My current apartment where J. and I live has a special place in my heart, this is where we met and came to be as a couple (cheesy? yes! but I'm sensitive so shush!)

I keep reminding myself that I will not miss the Section 8 neighbors who stomp over our yard while simultaneously discarding their trash, night construction, and our Vietnamese firework obsessed neighbors. I wont. I enjoy the quiet of the country, that we finally have 2 acres to grow our own food, have farm animals eventually and a huge house that gets lots of sunlight so our plants will now stop dying on us. There is just this small part of me who wishes so bad she owned a beautiful brownstone in Boston. Alas, I am not wealthy nor would my constant paranoia that I'm going to get mugged work out, sooo..   

Once all is said and done, when we're all settled in I will be content. Happy that we're no longer constantly running back and forth from locations, but mostly because I have been waiting so very patiently to decorate that darn house!

Anyway, wish me luck on this obstacle of packing.. we have a lot of crap. Cheers!



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