Mumford & Sons RANT

Now, let me just get this out of the way. I am a big biiig BIG Simon & Garfunkel fan. To the point of I could listen to them non stop if it did not drive J. insane (not that he does not enjoy their wonderful tunes, but I tend to over play them. WATEVS, their a classic band.) I try to be cool about other bands doing covers, some are great others not so much. When I heard this on the radio last week I had a moment. A pull over on the side of the road because I was crying too hard and I couldn't see the road kind of moment. I just can't say enough great things about it. And thank GOD I was wearing waterproof mascara because at the end of the waterfall of tears I did not look like a complete hot mess. I posted the video below so everyone else can enjoy. I would listen to it but alas I am at work & I don't want to be a blubbering buffoon. Must be professional.  

On to the next part of my rant! I am a Mumford & Sons fan. They're great. Sexy. Down to earth. And sing a great cover and produce great tunes. I also have the best older sister who bought herself, her husband, me & J. tickets to their sold out in 25 minuets flat Gentlemen of the road stopover in Portland. Jealous? It's going to be an epic concert due to the location on the Eastern Prom. It will have a great hippie vibe & will just have an instagramed look to it (yeah, I said it. Everyone uses it so save the eye rolls) Bottom line? I am beyond excited. And that's all I have to say about that.

P.S. WHICH REMINDS ME but is totes off topic, I need to pick my outfit for the day. I know I will be rockin' my fedora. Any suggestions?

In other news, I hope everyone had an amazing July 4th. Due to severe thunder & lightning our fireworks got postponed till tonight. The weather did not stop our neighborhood from setting off their own for the past week. Why all three of my dogs have not had heart attacks by now is beyond me (really glad they didn't BTW)

Have a lovely day, people!


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