Not a bad comparision after all.

I'm sorry this is the 100,000 time I have brought up this topic within the past two weeks. But lets beat that horse one more time then drop the stick. Shall we?
I groan every time I get compared to Anne Hathaway.
Maybe it was her in The Princess Diaries that made me hate her so?
I am not really sure, but after 20 or so people have pointed this so called "resemblance" out I suppose I should get used to it.
Two days ago J. told me that David Letterman interviewed "some actress that was a spitting image to Audrey Hepburn, who looked just like moi"
When I check it out, who was it? Anne Hathaway. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
I wish I looked like Audrey more than Anne. Whatevs. Here's the clip of the interview.
WARNING: spoiler alert for the new Batman movie. You have all been warned!


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