Shiny Brand New Shirt

Top: Ruche. Skirt: H&M. Shoes: Target. Watch: Vintage.

Do you ever get worried when you purchase an item of clothing online? Is it going to be cute? will it fit me the right way? etc. I had such concerns when I ordered this blouse. I just started to get the courage to purchase a few items from an online store Ruche. Sure everything looks amazing on the website, but how is it going to hold up in reality? 

I'm the person who goes into a store and touches EVERYTHING. Then proceeds to check the tag to see washing instructions and the fabric content. Yes, It's obnoxious but if I'm spending my money I want to know what exactly I'm purchasing.  I also tend to buy things for occasions that I want to happen say for example, a dinner party- but they never happen and if I buy something expensive I have a period where I am afraid to wear it because I don't want anything to happen to it. Weird yes, but the G's honest truth (Not so much anymore, my clothes shopping has come to an almost complete halt since buying the farm).

When it finally arrived, like a child on Christmas morning I tore the bag open and squealed in sheer excitement. Then gave J. the official fashion show, he also doubles as my personal fashion consultant. It got a two thumbs up and a kiss. 

So back to the point! got this shirt over a week ago and decided to break it out and wear it to work when it felt like the "right" day.. well, today was it. Gave myself a pep talk, put on my pencil skirt, the new blouse and away I went. I dress more conservative for work since it's a law firm, so I get nervous when I bust out such bold choices, sure I like it, but is it going to fly with my bosses? Two compliments and no raised eyebrows later my stomach settled. Don't you just love my short little legs? don't be hatin' cause I'm 5'2'.

Here's to me being bold and trying to break free of a sea of neutral colors. Whatcha think people? you like?
In other news, I had a cupcake for breakfast. How you doin?



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