A very Audrey morning indeed.

I love Audrey Hepburn.. not just Breakfast at Tiffany's (I could watch that movie on repeat.. and I have..) but all the classics. I know I am not alone in this love affair with this lady. But I thought I would just share my morning with you all because, this is my blog, which is an online journal sooo.

Woke up, did my normal routine.
When choosing my outfit for work I have to remember the elements. Sure it's 80 outside but in the office world it's usually around 60 degrees and I will have my mini space heater on. Which brings me to my cardinal rule: ALWAYS alwaysalways bring a cardigan. My sensational Grandmother who I love more than life itself taught me this when I was a very young girl and it has always stuck (I will soon post about my Grandmother's commandments, did I mention how wonderful she is?) Anyways, what was I talking about? OH my outfit. I have a very serious addiction to stripes, thus a pretty impressive collection of striped tees that range in the width of the stripe to the arm length. Can't get enough of them. It's ridiculous. So I felt my  jcrew 3/4 sleeve white with mini black horizontal stripes paired with my always a safe bet black straight leg ankle cut trousers with black patent flats would work for today. I would've wore my absolute favorite flats in the entire world, my cheetahs which I wear almost every single day of my life and also stripes and cheetah print? that's hot.. but it was going to be day 3 of wearing them and I thought they needed a break. Grandfathers gold watch and two stacked gold rings and I was out the door.

I left my car elsewhere and wait for it, J's truck was dead! We both panicked but he thrives in these situations, me on the other hand it might as been the end of the world- running around the house huffing and puffing like a lunatic. J. called a CAB! how swanky. I never ever get to ride in cabs so please excuse me if I feel like Ms. Fancy Pants for a few. Bottom line, got to work and J. went with me so I would not be alone. Love that man.

So back to my point about the topic of this post, not only did I wear a great classic outfit BUT the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's when she gets out of the cab, eating her croissant and drinking her coffee strolling down 5th avenue was practically me this morning minus the black evening gown tiara combo. It was all kosher and I do believe I would've made Ms. Hepburn proud.

So I will leave you with this beautiful song from the movie so you all can scoop it up and kiss it all over.



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