Weekends are for..

- Becoming reacquainted with your mind blowing soft bathrobe. Oh! the coziness!

- Getting your hands dirty when weeding your herb garden.

- Eating so much watermelon that you thought you might pop.

- Iced chai tea. Period.

- How squiggly puppies get when you brush them.

- Deep cleaning your apartment.

- Forgetting to put sunscreen on your arms and neck (I know, I KNOW!) thus perfecting your farmers tan.

- Spray painting where poison ivy is located (You can no longer hide, PI.)
Step 1) locate it. Step 2) destroy it.

- Taking Pippy the Volvo for long drives with the windows down.

- Not wearing any make up.

 All this left my body tired, tan and sore. The good kind of sore though, the one you get when it feels like you accomplished a lot.


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