Wonky Hump Day

Good morning, party people.

Normally I'm very on the ball about certain information, say, what day it happens to be. This morning although is a horse of a different color. My conversation with the lobby security guard (we're Best Friends. NBD.)

Him: Good Morning, Maggie! how are you doing today?
Moi: Lovely for a Tuesday! yourself?
Him: (pause) Maggie.. it's Wednesday.
Moi: Really? oh. well.. uhh. Happy Wednesday to you then, sir!
Him: (Laughing hysterically.)
Moi: (Attempting to shuffle fast across the lobby with my tail between my legs which is difficult because I wore my purple maxi dress today.)

I blame my strange dreams about breeding hedgehogs for being in a fog.

OH and another person said I look like Anne Hathaway.. still unsure how I feel about that.

So on that note, I am going to enjoy another cup of coffee. It's never a dull moment around here.


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