Saying Goodbye

Goodbye to...

- The summer that never existed.

- Loud FedEx trucks at all hours of the day and night.

- Drug deals that go down across the street.

- Our section 8 neighbors who trample through our yard discarding their trash.

- The constant road (sometimes in the wee hours of the night- spotlights and all) construction. Making our house very dusty.

- Most of our favorite takeout free delivery. Thank goodness we still have Valley Chinese & Ricetta's.

- Our very drafty cold poor insulated home.

-  The 10 lbs I've put on in the last year. You're soon to be history, buddy.

- Oil tank that runs out in the middle of the night to wake up freezing and no hot water.

- The Vietnamese neighbors in the back,  who loved fireworks and also for dumping fish bones in our back yard so our puppies could roll in it and smell like death. 

- Exit 9 over Tukey's bridge, to where I thought many of times I was going to die in a fiery death then go over the guard rail to my watery death right in front of the B&M Baked Bean Factory.

- Where J. and I first met to then becoming best friends then a family of five with our 3 very hairy substitute babies.

- My first big girl apartment where I lived on my own on the second floor.

Good bye to our big lovely yellow Victorian home with the beautiful gardens we planted and to you, Portland.

Hello to a new chapter in our lives, I feel refreshed to finally begin anew.

Fashion advice for a Thursday morning

1. If you find that you are still too tired when you wake up & washing your hair is absolutely out of the question, because the thought of raising your arms above your head and massaging your scalp sounds like Chinese water torture - put it in a p.tail.

2. If you have no idea what on earth you are going to show up to work in, wear a leotard and a black pencil skirt. Bonus? the fact you ate pad Thai for dinner and you still have that food baby- the black covers it.

3. Throw on a belt as well, it makes your waist look tiny and your outfit more "put together".

4. Red shoes are always a must. Cue to three year old Maggie who was obsessed with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Old habits die hard, folks.

5. No matter how hard you try, or instagram it- taking mirror shots of yourself in the bathroom is still a tad ridiculous. You along with the rest of the world knows this. 


Today is a good day

Today is a good day, lovely people.

Today I got to sleep in till 6:45, we kept all the windows open in our bedroom so it was chilly when I woke up which made our bed extra cozy.

Today I went to my favorite coffee shop for breakfast (bacon breakfast sandwich with a large black Jamaican Me Crazy coffee from Coffee By Design with a pinch of cinnamon, cause I'm fancy like that.)

Today I wore some dress pants that I was convinced I no longer fit into. I was pleasantly surprised that I still had ample wiggle room and did not look like a sausage bursting out of it's casing. Did that paint a good picture for you? yes? excellent.

Today J. and I are loading up all of house plants, paintings/art work, smaller furniture and bringing them to the house. I was told that we could hang art work tonight.  You bet your sweet bottom there will be photo evidence of such an incredible event.

Yes, I do declare today is a good day.

Happy Wednesday.



J. And I decided to throw caution to the wind and grab an ice cream.

I'm going just ignore the fact that I'm going to be terribly sick in an hour and enjoy my second cone of the summer.

A happy list & other mumbo jumbo

Lately i've been feeling the cranky monster peeking out from her shell.

She lurks behind trees, under beds, always following me and pounces when I least expert her to.

Luckily, she knows better than to ever come into our home or J. will karate chop her and sick our three wild beasts on her. She also knows that three day weekends are her kryptonite so she usually retreats and stays in her cave.

Folks, I'm running on little steam here! like I'm treading water but I'm so fatigued that if I stop I will sink.

I packed for hours last evening, NINE whole boxes and when I was done I looked around our kitch and thought "It looks like I barely scratched the surface!" Very frustrating to say the least.

So in these dark times of little to no sleep with endless lists running through my head, these are the happy things that keep the crank monster at bay and the tears from trickling down my face.

1. J. I don't think I could function without him in such stressful times. Actually, yes I could but it would be a great weight to carry on my petite shoulders. So thank you, baby for always keeping my blood sugar up and a smile on my face. You're nothing short of amazing.

2. Our three dumb substitute babies. The necrotic one, the moose and my little gentleman. They love us unconditionally even when they have to stay in their crate all day because we (their parents) are making their future home as perfect as can be. Thank you, babies for always being patient and excited to see us when we finally come home to you.

3. We are moving soon. It's a reality. Life will slow down, we can regain a "normal" eating, sleeping, playing schedule.. and I like slooooowwwww

4. Labor day weekend will bring: drinks with Emma (Hi darling!) on Friday, moving on Saturday, a wedding on Sunday and absolutely nothing on Monday.

5. My count down is dwindling:
    four days till September1st
    twenty-one days till first day of Autumn.
    thirty days till October 1st.

6. Bruce's Burritos in Yarmouth, for that matter all Mexican food.. and Greek... and Indian.. and Thai.

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays!

But with such a beautiful atmosphere on a Sunday evening, can ya blame a lady?

Sunday Funday

So! We had to push back our move in date to next Saturday.

I pouted for for a bit then realized J. was right.

It's been a busy weekend per usual getting the house ready. We took out all the windows and washed them and did a major cleaning in the old house.

I'm ignoring my achey knees and sore back. We'll sleep when we're dead, people.

Say it ain't so!

A major improvement

Yeah, I know what you are thinking.. and I agree.. homegirl cleans up real well.

Give J. an airless paint sprayer, six 5 gallons of primer, a lift & 24 hours and that man can do some serious work. This ain't his first rodeo people.

The official green light!

People! today is a big day in my world.

We had our official walk through inspection this morning at 9am. I had been nervously biting my nails since I got to work at 7:20 waiting for a text from J.

The good news? we passed.
The better news? our inspector was over the moon impressed with all that we had done.

I am the happiest shade of happy right now.

WHICH MEANS! that box of books that has been sitting, waiting ever so patiently in the corner of our living room now can be the first thing to bring over to its new home on our built in shelves. I have been waiting so very long to put books on those sad empty shelves.

I want to scoop up this morning and kiss it all over.


A quick hello!

This week will be hectic, but hopefully a blur.

So much packing, and thinking and cleaning and eating to get done and not enough hours in the day.

Come this Saturday, the moving truck will take all of our cherished belongings and bring them to their new home. I'm experiencing the same emotion I get the week before November 1st, (when I find it appropriate to begin to play Christmas music) that I get so itchy for it that the anticipation might kill me. I think we all get the point. Yeah?

On a completely different note.. Emma, I am glad we are having 'ritas tonight because what better way to kick off this soon to be insane week than with tequila? there is none. Bless you.

A new tradition

By next Sunday we will be at our new home.

So I took it upon myself to create a new tradition for J. & I, rather than going out to brunch why not make a gourmet meal at home.

So this morning was scrambled eggs with sautéed red peps, onions, black pepper turkey, arugula & feta cheese. Whole foods pain du levain with strawberry jam with a mini fruit salad of raspberries, blueberries & strawberries on the side.

Customers of the day

Our favorite green house was having a sale.

Four (ambitious) green thumbs up.

Finishing touches

Ain't she looking' swell?

Life lately

Consists of..

..craving: mac n'cheese, artichokes, arugula, pb & j sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches. My palate is really sophisticated.

.. yoga pants as soon as I get home from work & close the door.

.. naps and lots of them. sometimes with J. which is always a treat.

.. no makeup.

.. scary amounts of cupcakes.

.. eat. sleep. drink renovation talk.

.. in bed by 9:30, watching old Nat Geo ancient Egypt shows on netflix. 

.. sock buns.

.. sad attempts of workouts. I'm surprised Mary Helen Bowers hasn't reached her hand out of my TV, slapped me and yelled at me to try harder.

 People, we set the date. Next weekend come hell or high water, WE ARE MOVING!

The house is really starting to come together beautifully.
I promise to take photos sometime this weekend and share.

Happy Friday.

On bad days.

I've been trying to live my life not getting frazzled on bad days, because in all honesty- it's easier to stomp your feet and frown when you feel like if you stop moving you might crumple to the ground and cry.

So, since today I have been working extra hard to keep my spirits up (despite a pounding headache) I am going to leave you with some wise words.

Translation: life is full of little pleasures.

Happy hump day people, I'm going bowling tonight.


J. & I decided last week that when we finally move in and are settled we are taking a strict vacation from renovation. It's official, we shook on it.

This is crucial for a few reasons:
1.) To put money aside for a few months, so phase two (the front of the house) will be better planned for.
2.) To take a breather and get our heads straight.
3.) To actually enjoy some down time.
4.) To get (somewhat) of a tan.
5.) To get back on the fitness program and lose the stress/deli diet weight we've put on.

Also, I have put together an autumn bucket list for things I really want to do, J. (and anyone else who wants in) is always invited to join:

- Apple Picking.
- At least one outdoor dinner party.
- Take our time when putting together our home (hanging art, furniture placement, etc)
- Antique shopping.
- Sunday River moon light chondola ride. 
- Attend the Common Ground Fair; pat every single beautiful velvety lamb nose.
- Visit the William Wegman art exhibit.
- Get creative in the kitch.
- Put cinnamon on anything & everything.
- Lot's of mulled apple cider.
- Carve pumpkins that we chose from a pumpkin patch.
- Network my bum off.
- Reserve time to get cozy (preferably in front of the of one below..)
- Use our living room fireplace every stinkin' chance I got.
- Have a strictly sister day. 
- Bake pumpkin seeds.
- Embrace the glorious slow cooker.
- Hike (or nature walk) one mountain.
- Take lot's of photos.
- Day trip to Rangely.
- Take the puppies on my walks.
- Decorate the house for all autumn-winter holidays.
- Press leaves.
- Go out on the boat.

I know it's an ambitious list, but I'm ready to enjoy some down time activities with my favorite person.We deserve it.

four lovely things & a happy monday

1. Despite being an unusually muggy weekend; a lot of important projects got accomplished.

2. There was sea smoke rolling over Fort Gorgeous this morning when I got into work. I was informed that it was unusual for summer, it happens in the winter. It made my view from my desk very beautiful especially with clear blue skies.

3. Portland Pie Co. Mt Katahdin pizza left overs.

4. It's going to be a busy but very fun week.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend & Happy Monday!


What's the story morning glory?

Our front porch has now been taken over by our morning glories that we planted last year. Apparently they self seeded and have come back with more might than ever. No complaints over here in the urban jungle.

Best brunch in town

A wise man once said that patience is a virtue.

When going to Bintliff's brunch there will be a wait, but it's so very worth it. I suggest avoiding the 10-11:30 crowd, but if you are not too hung over there are nooks in the waiting area to hang out and delicious coffee to sip on.

J. and I are somewhat of corned beef hash connoisseurs. When going to a new place one of us most times order the hash (or a Reuben) to see if it compares to Bintliff's. Besides a complete random restaurant  in Cornish, Maine to fuel ourselves after an apple picking adventure, there has been no competition. It's a bold claim but we take our title very seriously. 

There is nothing on the menu that will disappoint, trust moi.. I've tried just about everything. The one dish that I keep coming back to is the Veggie Benedict, she's a real good time.

Goodness Gracious

It's Friday, people.

I would jump for joy, but alas I'm feeling under the weather and suffering from lack of sleep (kudos to you, heavy rain and thunderstorm)

When zombie Maggie woke up this morning, some things were on her mind:

1.) Sock bun, because there is no way I had the effort to wash my hair.

2.) Coffee.

3.) Comfortable yet work appropriate attire.

4.) It's raining which means I get to wear my green wellie flats.

5.) Today would be the ultimate candidate for a rainy day snuggle fest with J. Movies, snacks and puppies would all be invited.

All these thoughts made zombie Maggie even more sleepy.

I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow, and maybe if J. is lucky, I will let him buy me breakfast.


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