A happy list & other mumbo jumbo

Lately i've been feeling the cranky monster peeking out from her shell.

She lurks behind trees, under beds, always following me and pounces when I least expert her to.

Luckily, she knows better than to ever come into our home or J. will karate chop her and sick our three wild beasts on her. She also knows that three day weekends are her kryptonite so she usually retreats and stays in her cave.

Folks, I'm running on little steam here! like I'm treading water but I'm so fatigued that if I stop I will sink.

I packed for hours last evening, NINE whole boxes and when I was done I looked around our kitch and thought "It looks like I barely scratched the surface!" Very frustrating to say the least.

So in these dark times of little to no sleep with endless lists running through my head, these are the happy things that keep the crank monster at bay and the tears from trickling down my face.

1. J. I don't think I could function without him in such stressful times. Actually, yes I could but it would be a great weight to carry on my petite shoulders. So thank you, baby for always keeping my blood sugar up and a smile on my face. You're nothing short of amazing.

2. Our three dumb substitute babies. The necrotic one, the moose and my little gentleman. They love us unconditionally even when they have to stay in their crate all day because we (their parents) are making their future home as perfect as can be. Thank you, babies for always being patient and excited to see us when we finally come home to you.

3. We are moving soon. It's a reality. Life will slow down, we can regain a "normal" eating, sleeping, playing schedule.. and I like slooooowwwww

4. Labor day weekend will bring: drinks with Emma (Hi darling!) on Friday, moving on Saturday, a wedding on Sunday and absolutely nothing on Monday.

5. My count down is dwindling:
    four days till September1st
    twenty-one days till first day of Autumn.
    thirty days till October 1st.

6. Bruce's Burritos in Yarmouth, for that matter all Mexican food.. and Greek... and Indian.. and Thai.


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