Best brunch in town

A wise man once said that patience is a virtue.

When going to Bintliff's brunch there will be a wait, but it's so very worth it. I suggest avoiding the 10-11:30 crowd, but if you are not too hung over there are nooks in the waiting area to hang out and delicious coffee to sip on.

J. and I are somewhat of corned beef hash connoisseurs. When going to a new place one of us most times order the hash (or a Reuben) to see if it compares to Bintliff's. Besides a complete random restaurant  in Cornish, Maine to fuel ourselves after an apple picking adventure, there has been no competition. It's a bold claim but we take our title very seriously. 

There is nothing on the menu that will disappoint, trust moi.. I've tried just about everything. The one dish that I keep coming back to is the Veggie Benedict, she's a real good time.


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