Beyond Amazing

Words can't be formed for how incredible the Mumford & Sons concert was. We were surrounded by a sea of mustaches in all forms.

Funny story time! J. & I stood in line for no joke over 3 hours for burgers. In that time we bought a lemonade from a kid for $20, became best friends with the girl in front of us, over stamped our tickets and got two tees in a record time of five minutes. NOW for the best part of this story- they ran out of food when we finally got to the top. J. bought two hot dog buns for $4. Luckily my sister and her husband stayed put on our blanket so we had a place to retreat to.

Other than the lack of nutrients the afternoon was spent watching/listening to some amazing performers. The grand finale might've just been my favorite part, all the bands came on stage and played "The Weight", one of my absolute favorite songs in the history of the world (I truly am my father's daughter) After the show all four of us took a cab to The Great Lost Bear for some dinner. Our waiter was hitting on J. the entire time and treated myself,  my sister and her husband like chopped liver. Good times I tell you, good times.

As promised here are my amateur iPhone videos; if you tilt your head to the side you can see it clearly. (My thought process was, "oh.. if you tilt the camera it adjusts and takes a normal photo.. the video must do the same") But I was wrong. Enjoy!

"Little Lion Man":

"Roll Away Your Stone":

"The Cave": 


"The Weight":


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