A love story

Through history there has been many famous love stories, Romeo and Juliet, Pocahontas and John Smith, Jim and Pam..just to name a few. And then there was Maggie and Standard Baking, the most famous of them all. 

I love Standard Baking. Period. Everything they create with their magic fingers. Whether it's their pastries or a loaf of their boule, it will without a single doubt blow my mind.
So when J. picked me up from work yesterday, we remember "Oh! no mo' bread at home for lunch. Let's go to S.B" A very deep conversation, I know. Boy was I surprised when I saw him leaving the store with not only the brown paper bag of boule BUT a pretty white box in the other hand. I knew what was in there, I could smell those morning buns from across the parking lot. Let me tell you something, nothing makes me happier than a delicious pastry to go along with my morning coffee. Normally, I eat a very well balanced breakfast full of fiber and loaded with fruit, but sometimes I tell myself "Shoot, Maggie. You deserve a sugar coated, ooey gooey decadent treat." I did however come to work prepared, so when it wears off at 10:30, I have a crisp apple to keep me in line till lunch so my day does not have to be seriously derailed. 

And while we are on the topic of things that make my heart melt, my friend Emma and I have now made a new tradition which is called "Monday Margs". A great excuse for us to get together, have a couple drinks, discuss glorious topics, people watch and explore different bars in the city while drowning out our sorrows of the work week. 

She's way better about documenting these outings, so totes photo cred to her.
Matching shoe prints is not a requirement, but always welcomed.

Oh! and we decided Sonny's was the place to be for an outdoor drink.
 I had Riesling & Emma had the Strawberry Hot Pepper Margarita followed by the Chill Pineapple 'Rita. All three were absolutely delicious.


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