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I often get the question "What made you decide to start up your blog again?" And here is my response.

I originally created a blog to cut down on the ridiculous amounts of Facebook posts, so when I found an article I thought was interesting I would put the link at the top of the page and then write a few sentences about my opinion on it. Not very interesting in hindsight but I was new to this form of writing. I lost interest in blogging a few weeks after creating it and abandoned ship.

Around early October of last year something snapped in my brain one day and decided "I'm so sick of Facebook. I'm going to deactivate it and anyone who wants to contact me knows my number." This went on until January, we had already found the house and had started on the renovations, so that kept me busy. It was a time of isolation and figuring out a lot about myself. Looking back I'm glad that I did do a hiatus from social media. When I finally did rejoin, I felt like a wallflower in a field of roses. I had missed so much but nothing at all, which was an odd overwhelming feeling at times. But I had something to bring to the table! My house photos, my big old crumbling beautiful farm house. This went on until early Summer, updates here and there and posting random things on Facebook until I discovered some wonderfully beautiful blogs, my inspiration was in full swing. And that's my current life story. Thank you for listening, it was relevant, I swear!

I renamed it from "Keep Calm & Carry On" to "Beautifully Simple". Why I chose that name is because when working on the house I noticed a change within myself. The only time I was dressing up was to go to work, but my normal outfit was work clothes. It took me awhile and some warmer weather to work out the kinks and find the perfect balance. Life also moves slower in the country, compared to our apartment in Portland. It's nice to actually see the stars at night, to breathe fresh air and two acres to frolic about. So when we eventually move out there, I hope the transformation of a simpler life happens organically. And when I say a "simpler life" I mean having a greenhouse/garden to be more self-sufficient, getting rid of cable and just being a little more unplugged from the chaotic city life existence. 

I found that using my blog as a tool to share my story, my adventures and those little insignificant moments that I used to pass by. To help myself keep my head on straight, to remember who I am in the hectic instances and one day to reminisce over. I sometimes get frustrated when I go to my favorite blogs, they have 100,000 followers and 45 + comments on a single post and I ask myself "Why is mine not like that?" then I remember and remind myself that they have been around a lot longer than mine and maybe if I keep it up I will be there one day and J.crew will sponsor me to wear their clothes on here. Hey, a girl can dream! 

I know I ramble, my grammar is far from perfect and my topics might not be everyone's cup of tea. But this is me and I am Maggie. So thank you for stopping by.



  1. I like blogs that have a more personal story, as opposed to the ones which are strictly about appearances, whatever the kind. You've pretty much got the perfect balance:) Keep it up!

  2. I will vote for you to be the next J.Crew Aficionada!!


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