Goodness Gracious

It's Friday, people.

I would jump for joy, but alas I'm feeling under the weather and suffering from lack of sleep (kudos to you, heavy rain and thunderstorm)

When zombie Maggie woke up this morning, some things were on her mind:

1.) Sock bun, because there is no way I had the effort to wash my hair.

2.) Coffee.

3.) Comfortable yet work appropriate attire.

4.) It's raining which means I get to wear my green wellie flats.

5.) Today would be the ultimate candidate for a rainy day snuggle fest with J. Movies, snacks and puppies would all be invited.

All these thoughts made zombie Maggie even more sleepy.

I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow, and maybe if J. is lucky, I will let him buy me breakfast.



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