This will forever crack me up.

Guess who stayed up waaaay-haaaaay past her bedtime to watch women's gymnastics last night? I have the puffy under eye bags to prove it. The teeny part of me who did gymnastics for two years of my life was so proud of Gabby Douglas. I may have cried a little.. jus' sayin.

This weekend is going to be amazing. Not only am I getting my hair trimmy trim trimmed but my favorite person in this entire universe (who just happens to be blood related) will be here all day tomorrow for the concert of the summer! Mumford and Sons with a sisterly visit all wrapped up in a burrito of love, I do not think I could ask for a better day. I promise to document this magic event well, people.

Oh! oh! oh! annnd also, I went grocery shopping last evening and still need a few more things to snag at Trader Joe's this afternoon. There's something about having my fridge filled to the brim with so much yummy food and fresh produce, it just makes my heart flutter and my fingers suddenly feel inspired to break out my cookbooks and create some amazing cuisine. Most importantly, the fact I had my oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon this morning really was the best way to start my day. I am a big breakfast fan, I could write a love poem to pancakes if I really wanted to. Maybe I will.

Anyone have exciting weekend plans? I wanna know. Cheers.



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