Happiest of Happy

First day of August to you and yours.

We're in the homestretch here, people. Soon before you know it, the fairs will be here, the leaves will be changing and it will be sweater season. I think the two things I am most excited about are no more horse/deer flies attacking me on my walks (they sure do love my Moroccan hair oil) and I can wear my gorgeous Jcrew leather riding boots every single day. Que to me getting all squiggly with excitement. Oh! mulled cider, I can almost taste you and you taste delicious.

I feel like it was a summer that never happened, it started on July 4th and now it's August 1st and this month will fly by. I always have this moment of sadness when a season ends, what happened to the outfits I planned to wear? what about the Maggie who looks like she stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad? WHERE IS SHE? I still have yet to go out on a boat. I did however get to have lobster a few times, so I guess not all is lost.

I had this moment in Target last week while snagging a few things I honestly did not need, I was surrounded by parents with their little ones going back to school shopping. I got a little teary eyed on the inside and thought "I wish I had someone to go back to school shopping for.." Sister, that means you and your babe are all mine when it's time for this tradition to start.

On a totally different topic; we are finally about ready to move. It's funny actually, since April J. and I have said "The 15th of the month is our move in date" and it got pushed back more and more. The house is just about ready for us THANK GOD! I am so done with our city apartment, DONE.

Anyway, happy Wednesday, you dream boats.



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