Life lately

Consists of..

..craving: mac n'cheese, artichokes, arugula, pb & j sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches. My palate is really sophisticated.

.. yoga pants as soon as I get home from work & close the door.

.. naps and lots of them. sometimes with J. which is always a treat.

.. no makeup.

.. scary amounts of cupcakes.

.. eat. sleep. drink renovation talk.

.. in bed by 9:30, watching old Nat Geo ancient Egypt shows on netflix. 

.. sock buns.

.. sad attempts of workouts. I'm surprised Mary Helen Bowers hasn't reached her hand out of my TV, slapped me and yelled at me to try harder.

 People, we set the date. Next weekend come hell or high water, WE ARE MOVING!

The house is really starting to come together beautifully.
I promise to take photos sometime this weekend and share.

Happy Friday.


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