Saying Goodbye

Goodbye to...

- The summer that never existed.

- Loud FedEx trucks at all hours of the day and night.

- Drug deals that go down across the street.

- Our section 8 neighbors who trample through our yard discarding their trash.

- The constant road (sometimes in the wee hours of the night- spotlights and all) construction. Making our house very dusty.

- Most of our favorite takeout free delivery. Thank goodness we still have Valley Chinese & Ricetta's.

- Our very drafty cold poor insulated home.

-  The 10 lbs I've put on in the last year. You're soon to be history, buddy.

- Oil tank that runs out in the middle of the night to wake up freezing and no hot water.

- The Vietnamese neighbors in the back,  who loved fireworks and also for dumping fish bones in our back yard so our puppies could roll in it and smell like death. 

- Exit 9 over Tukey's bridge, to where I thought many of times I was going to die in a fiery death then go over the guard rail to my watery death right in front of the B&M Baked Bean Factory.

- Where J. and I first met to then becoming best friends then a family of five with our 3 very hairy substitute babies.

- My first big girl apartment where I lived on my own on the second floor.

Good bye to our big lovely yellow Victorian home with the beautiful gardens we planted and to you, Portland.

Hello to a new chapter in our lives, I feel refreshed to finally begin anew.


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