J. & I decided last week that when we finally move in and are settled we are taking a strict vacation from renovation. It's official, we shook on it.

This is crucial for a few reasons:
1.) To put money aside for a few months, so phase two (the front of the house) will be better planned for.
2.) To take a breather and get our heads straight.
3.) To actually enjoy some down time.
4.) To get (somewhat) of a tan.
5.) To get back on the fitness program and lose the stress/deli diet weight we've put on.

Also, I have put together an autumn bucket list for things I really want to do, J. (and anyone else who wants in) is always invited to join:

- Apple Picking.
- At least one outdoor dinner party.
- Take our time when putting together our home (hanging art, furniture placement, etc)
- Antique shopping.
- Sunday River moon light chondola ride. 
- Attend the Common Ground Fair; pat every single beautiful velvety lamb nose.
- Visit the William Wegman art exhibit.
- Get creative in the kitch.
- Put cinnamon on anything & everything.
- Lot's of mulled apple cider.
- Carve pumpkins that we chose from a pumpkin patch.
- Network my bum off.
- Reserve time to get cozy (preferably in front of the of one below..)
- Use our living room fireplace every stinkin' chance I got.
- Have a strictly sister day. 
- Bake pumpkin seeds.
- Embrace the glorious slow cooker.
- Hike (or nature walk) one mountain.
- Take lot's of photos.
- Day trip to Rangely.
- Take the puppies on my walks.
- Decorate the house for all autumn-winter holidays.
- Press leaves.
- Go out on the boat.

I know it's an ambitious list, but I'm ready to enjoy some down time activities with my favorite person.We deserve it.


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