Easy like a Sunday morning.

Happy Brunching, lovies.

100th post & fair photos!

Everyone, this is my 100th post! so thank you all who read this blog, with my silly thoughts and terrible grammar. I love ya all.

For J.'s birthday we went to the fair in our town. We ate a lot of food, petted a lot of animals and froze our butts off. It was the perfect way to end a wonderful day.

Now, we must be off! Going up to the mountains for the evening to dine under the full moon and stay in a fancy hotel. Happy weekend to all!


A letter to a birthday boy

Dearest J.

Today is the day many moons ago you were brought into this world (thank you Barb & Peter). Although I do believe you have been alive for a lot longer than that; you are most certainly an old soul.

Never have I met someone with such charm, wit, determination, rounded knowledge of things big and tiny, sass and confidence all blended together perfectly to create your existence. Having you in my life makes me strive to be a more motivated person. 

Yes, today is your day to be you and for us to celebrate your life as an incredible man with the universe at your feet and the world you have created for us. I thank the stars above which brought a balanced Libra and an aloof Aquarius together to become a family with three hairy substitute babies in tow. 

I do declare today is your day and it warms my heart that you let me tag along for the ride.

Tonight we shall substitute cake for fried dough and visit some lambies in our little town. Thanks for being so rad. Cheers to you, baby! 

All of my love, 

Positive Energy

Guess who went to bed waaay too late and woke up crazy early.
Trying to keep my mood up is draining me, but, such is life. 
One more day of work and then three days of bliss.
Going dress shopping today for this weekend.
I can do this.

Lunch Date

J. took me to Pineland Farms for lunch on this beautiful afternoon to have ourselves a little picnic.


Weekend Hangover

We had an amazing weekend. So good that this morning I was in such a groggy daze when I woke up, cuss you iPhone alarm for officially ending my good time.

Yes, I was that person who pulled over just to take some photos. 
I hope you all dig rolling fog banks as much as I do. 

It's tough to continue the commute into work when I have to pass by such beautiful sites in the morning. It reminds me of my commuting prep school days when I felt that I was the only person on the road, observing all the homes I drove past with smoke puffing out of the chimney and a single kitchen light on. I envied those people in their homes, all cozy and eating their breakfasts, same story 6 years later with better clothing. 

I seriously hit all important elements for the perfect weekend:
- Watched "The Big Chill for the first time.
- Polished off an entire pan of apple crisp (which I made on a last minute whim)
(I highly recommend combining the first two for a wicked good time, bub) 
- Yoga.
- Cleaned my house.
- Got new furniture.
- Had two mini family visits.
- Bought crazy amounts of pumpkins of all sorts.
- AND went to the fair.

I got some really great shots at the fair, it's so difficult to feel like I captured it well but I tried my darnedest, so stay tuned for them. 

To my father, who is my biggest fan and faithful reader of my blog, I honored your wish and did not bring any sheep home. Be proud. 

What did you all do over the weekend? Would love to hear about everyone's adventures.



The best way to celebrate a new season is to join your fellow yoga enthusiasts in the morning Autumn mist for some downward dog and an "Om" here and there.




Svasthi Praja Bhyaha Pari Pala Yantam
     Nya Yena Margena Mahim Mahishaha
   Go Brahmanebhyaha Shubamastu Nityam
    Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
   Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi 



May the rulers of the earth keep to the path of virtue
For protecting the welfare of all generations.
  May the religious, and all peoples be forever blessed,
  May all beings everywhere be happy and free
   Om peace, peace, perfect peace


Welcome Autumn, you heart breaker; I've been anxiously awaiting your return since last December. I embrace you with open arms and a warm heart. 


Busy Bee

Good afternoon everyone & happy Friday!

Top: Ruche. Pants: Jcrew, Shoes: Target. Watch: Vintage. Glasses: Kate Spade.

I decided that since I need to get dressed up everyday, that I would like to incorporate what I wear into my posts. This means someone would be taking the photos, and reduce the bathroom mirror shots.What do you all think? feedback would be ohso wonderful.

This weekend (and next!) are two that I've been looking forward to since the beginning of the month. Let me break it down for y'all.

Saturday: first of all, it's the first stinkin' day of Autumn! I have been counting down to this since I started blogging back in July. Second, my beyond amazingly fabulous cousin, Jason is coming up from New York to deliver some of his possessions that I purchased. This is seriously killing a million birds with a single stone, because! he's such a talented interior designer, so maybe he will give us some free advice and let me pick his brain a bit on some ideas J & I have dreamed up for the front. 

Sunday: we are attending the Common Ground Fair. People, this is my favorite fair IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. It's so crunchly amazing and the food, oh the food. All of the incredible displays and sheep herding and while we are on the topic of sheep, be warned.. when I post photos from the fair there is going to be a lamby photo overload. Jus' sayin'.

What's everyone up to this weekend? how are you ringing in the new season? 


Greetings from 2008

Exciting news, everyone! I went shopping.. in my closet.

Yeah, this belt? purchased FOUR years ago. 

So funny story, when you become a home owner, money that you would normally use to purchase ridiculous amounts of clothing with is suddenly needed elsewhere. New pair of jeans? oh wait, we need a new faucet for the kitchen sink. (Cue to me shaking my finger at you all)

At first, like all changes, this was difficult for me, "but I need something new" was a common phrase. After one to many "I have nothing to wear!" pout fests, I stopped for a second and looked around. With a dresser filled to the brim with all beautiful shirts/sweaters and a closet stuffed with dresses. This tantrum I was throwing sitting in my closet was not an acceptable scene for any 23 year old. Lucky for me, I tend to stick with a more classic style, so yes I do have up to date things but I'm not miss trendy with 20 neon green tops that wont be hip next summer, just one sweater ; ). 

I like the challenge of mixing pieces together that I would not normally think of, that way I'm utilizing everything I have and not spending ludicrous amounts of cash on more stuff. Don't get me wrong here, my shopping days are not over by any means and damn it I will never turn into the person wearing mom jeans but for now, I might need to update a few things here and there but just nothing to crazy.

Oh, coming of age.. you hurt so good.

When life hands you lemons

You go to Bruce's Burritos in Yarmouth & get the burrito bowl.


4 More Days till the Autumnal Equinox is upon us.
Charles is ready. Are you?

Also, 100 days till Christmas. Wait. What? 
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