fitness & a hint of nostalgia

Yesterday I walked 4 miles. I've not done this since August 4th (the only way I remember the exact day is because it was the Mumford & Sons concert and I got the absolute worst blisters) Anyway, so the other day I was pulling out some of my cooler weather clothes so I could address what needs to go to the dry cleaners and so on; and there it was- my favorite skirt. The perfect light gray mini skirt with pockets.. I know, I know! I'm aware I've gained some weight but I thought well, what the heck lets see how the old girl fits. I still fit into it but she was a tad snug, which in reality is not bad only going up one size- so I was not heartbroken but not impressed- more just blah.

So, my goal is by Halloween to fit comfortably in said skirt. Now, before anyone flies off the handlebars at me about weight loss: yes, I know I am already on the small side but this is not about a number or a weight as it used to be important. Realistically, I don't think I could maintain being 105 lbs again and be healthy. This is me wanting to be strong and toned and proud of myself and the lifestyle choices I make. I want to be healthy and not feel like I'm a slave to my scale. I'm well on my way and I think I have found my motivation. My plan of attack is a combination of my walking route, my favorite DVD "Ballet Beautiful 60 minute whole body workout", not indulging in as many cupcakes, drinking more water, remember to smile and just remember to keep it in moderation  So that's that.

Now, part two of this blog post.I rediscovered my very outdated flikr account this morning and was able to pin all of my photos to pinterest, which means I can save them on to a computer now and not have to purchase copies of my own photos.

My sister & I in DC from November 2010

Why this caused nostalgia is it makes me miss my sister and DC and our sisterly adventures but it also makes me remember that I used to carry my camera with me everywhere. It's a Nikon d40 and by absolutely no means do I consider myself a great photographer, but I enjoy taking photos and posting them. I wish I was a great photographer but alas no dice. Anyway, since iphones have advanced greatly and now instragram exists I feel that I no longer have the urge to carry around my bulky camera and feel I'm being obnoxious taking photos of people, and places and things. I want to get into the habit of not relying on my iphone with instagram  to document my life and my adventures when I have such a beautiful piece of equipment.

Lastly, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend; J. & I are now settling in to our home and photos will be up soon of all our hard work.



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