A letter to a birthday boy

Dearest J.

Today is the day many moons ago you were brought into this world (thank you Barb & Peter). Although I do believe you have been alive for a lot longer than that; you are most certainly an old soul.

Never have I met someone with such charm, wit, determination, rounded knowledge of things big and tiny, sass and confidence all blended together perfectly to create your existence. Having you in my life makes me strive to be a more motivated person. 

Yes, today is your day to be you and for us to celebrate your life as an incredible man with the universe at your feet and the world you have created for us. I thank the stars above which brought a balanced Libra and an aloof Aquarius together to become a family with three hairy substitute babies in tow. 

I do declare today is your day and it warms my heart that you let me tag along for the ride.

Tonight we shall substitute cake for fried dough and visit some lambies in our little town. Thanks for being so rad. Cheers to you, baby! 

All of my love, 


  1. Thank you baby! You brighten my days :)

  2. Ya'll so KUTE!- nops


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