A long weekend in review

CAUTION! this is an obnoxiously long post. You have been warned. 

 It was the perfect weekend, busy but perfect.


- Went into work at 12:30, only to be surprised by closing at 2:30. Spent the next few hours packing and loading up our Uhaul truck.

- Met up with Emma for drinks at 6 in town, ate some glorious food at Gilbert's Chowder house.

- Spent our last night at Presumpscot Street.


- Started the day early with moving the rest of our jank to the new house and then started the major project of unpacking.

- J.'s mother brought over some amazing chili, so we all feasted and being so adorable, J. went out to my beloved herb garden and snipped some chives to garnish our heaping bowls. Ain't he swell?

- We waited until late to bring the puppies over so they would not be completely freaked out. As if the girls had died and went to Labrador heaven! running around, grunting, tackling one another. Pure pup bliss.

It was odd sleeping there for the first night. I was still a bit worried our house was haunted but after the crazy few weeks and lack of rest the second our heads hit the pillows we were content.


- It started our rainy, but we did not mind due to the grass was dry and our poor flower beds were dying of thirst.

- The puppies discovered our mini pond which instantly became a huge hit. They go in after getting all worked up from chasing tennis balls, slip in like seals, do a few laps then crawl out. It's the cutest thing thing in the world. Poor Charles does not have the luxury of being off leash, so we get to go on Mum & Son adventures, it's our special time to discuss the day and what's going on.

- It was day 2 of unpacking our tushes off, so we needed brunch for fuel. I basically ordered the biggest meal on the menu and ate it all without thinking twice.

- Built a fire to take the chill off the house and soldiered on unpacking a mountain of boxes. The house really is starting to come together beautifully.

- Went to the most beautiful wedding on the Eastern Prom that evening. Kate, if you are reading this, I'm still dying over how breathtaking you looked! The reception was at the Salt Exchange immediately following, I drank a lot of champagne and overall it was an outstanding fun filled event. Bravo and congrats again, Kate & Jason!


- Besides a raging headache, I still got up early and cleaned our house because we had family coming over for a mini tour.

- The rest of the day, family popped in and out to visit. J. set up his office & put up all the curtains. He built me the most amazing fire, so we just spent our evening eating dinner in front of the fire, relaxed and just enjoyed what we have wanted and worked so hard for.

Thank you for reading my novel, this probs will never ever happen again.


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