A sense of change

People, I feel a change coming over me and it's for the better. While you might be reading this and think "home girl has officially gone off the deep end", but just hear me out!

Not only am I talking about the transition approaching of the seasons, but this feeling is from within. Lately, I see the squirrels (and hear them barking in the morning) scurrying about our yard to collect nuts for the months ahead. I too am experiencing this sensation to get all in order for when the weather turns cooler, but not in a panicky way, there is a calmness to my searching.

I believe since we officially moved in on September 1st, that I changed for the better. This move forced me to go through all of our possessions and cast away some but to become more organized. I now can wear my metaphorical big girl pants proudly and not look as if I'm playing dress up, I'm taking strides that I never thought I would ever come to do when summer ended and autumn began. I catch myself searching for recipes that might be more difficult than I'm used to, but I feel confident in this, I find it exciting where old Maggie might tend to shy away from. Rather than watching endless hours of trashy TV I prefer listening to music.Our eating has greatly improved since we are settled and going to bed early to wake up early is a Godsend, frealz. My relationship with J. has improved immensely, there are no more late nights away from each other, which has made all the tension disappear. I must add though, it was a huge sacrifice J. made to get us where we are today, so much of his time has gone into our home and I can't thank him enough despite my efforts.

I'm ready for this new chapter, I like this new Maggie; she feels more put together, organized, social, embarrassing her thicker skin and most importantly happier.



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