all good things

A few happy things & a happy Friday, lovies.

The two top photos are multiple deer beds! Aren't they gorgeous?

- First off, is it really September 14th? what? I'm not complaining, but just in shock of how time is flying.

- I found a recipe for nutella-stuffed brown butter & sea salt chocolate chip cookies. I'm trying this ditty out ASAP, my thighs will hate me but my coworkers will love me. Here it is. Go! Go! Go!

- J. bought me a bag of apples from the orchard up the street.

- 9 hours of sleep, I love you so much, I wanna scoop you up and smooch you all over.

- After smelling everything in Bath & Body Works and temporarily losing my sense of smell, I picked out the best variety of autumnal wallflower scents. Just ask my neighbor who thought I was baking pumpkin pie (Hi Darcy!)

- The next few weekends are going to be action packed and knocking things off my autumn bucket list like it's nobody's business.

- My sisters baby is about the size of an avocado.. I'm getting more and more excited to meet this little one.

So much joy in my life lately, I feel that I may burst.


  1. Maggie: I am always guaranteed a smile and lift in spirits reading your blog each day. Thank you.


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