Early Bird

Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I have to be at work by 7:30 to open the office, which means now living outside the city I don't have the luxury of sleeping in until 6:45 then have J. drive me. Those days are long gone, I'm a big girl now who wakes up at 5:25 and takes herself.

At our old apartment, there was always a lot of traffic outside of our bedroom, so it was rather noisy with the commuter hustle and bustle going on. Sunrises did not exist either, we had two views- darkness or light.

Man, I tell you 5:30 in the country is a whole different scene; from one window we overlook our neighbors beautiful farm with the fog hovering above it, the others we get the most amazing sunrises that appear over the wall of evergreens; it's breathtaking and so quite, with the occasional early cyclist. Once I get up that means it's time for J. to inch over to my side of the bed and cuddle up with my pillows because he claims it's more comfortable. Since we are on the general topic of quiet, after my whole shower/get dressed routine is complete, I venture downstairs to make my breakfast and have a cup of coffee. Our current space does not allow the use of a kitch table so the coffee table is the perfect place to dine. I'm the only soul awake, I make sure to tip toe so I don't disturb our dogs who are snuggled up in a bundle of cozy puppy love. I get to have this time to think or not, to reflect on how beautiful my surroundings are and to have time to sip on my coffee, this is my vision of heaven, it's my Maggie time, which is very important to me. Sometimes, I will put soft classical music on and sometimes I will crack the front door open so I can listen to the peepers.

It's been raining for the past few mornings so I've not been able to capture this moment in my day, but I will soon and I promise to share.


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