Monday, Monday, so good to me

Good morning all.

I like to think of Monday's as a restart button to a whole brand new shiny week, as to a frumpy day of work again. This happier view on life matches my rose tinted glasses beautifully.

 This is Monument Square, before the hustle and bustle begins.
 From my morning stroll en route to work.
Ain't she beautiful?

Did everyone have a good weekend? I feel like I spent my entire time researching recipes, cooking, cleaning and playing with puppies, which is me in my element sporting my beloved yoga pants and bean slippers. J. spent a good portion outside planting our neglected greenhouse purchases, it's not much now but come springtime she will be a garden of envy. 

While we are on the topic of J. he has now adopted this new little greeting for me after I get out of the shower, when I think he is still asleep, it goes a little something like "one day closer to Spring." only it's muffled because he's buried in a blanket burrito of toasty cozy goodness. Good times my friends, goood times. So please excuse me while I enjoy this time of year, just until January 1st then I will be singing the same tune.

Oh! and everyone who checked out my house photos, I hope you liked what we've started! I'm so far from where I want to be with our current living situation (dying to have the front part completed, but the back works for now) Art has to be hung, windows have to be installed, loveseat has to GO! plants have to be re potted out of fugly terracotta plastic pots. I just was so anxious to show you all our hard work, but she will get prettier or I may lose my mind. 


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