Greetings from 2008

Exciting news, everyone! I went shopping.. in my closet.

Yeah, this belt? purchased FOUR years ago. 

So funny story, when you become a home owner, money that you would normally use to purchase ridiculous amounts of clothing with is suddenly needed elsewhere. New pair of jeans? oh wait, we need a new faucet for the kitchen sink. (Cue to me shaking my finger at you all)

At first, like all changes, this was difficult for me, "but I need something new" was a common phrase. After one to many "I have nothing to wear!" pout fests, I stopped for a second and looked around. With a dresser filled to the brim with all beautiful shirts/sweaters and a closet stuffed with dresses. This tantrum I was throwing sitting in my closet was not an acceptable scene for any 23 year old. Lucky for me, I tend to stick with a more classic style, so yes I do have up to date things but I'm not miss trendy with 20 neon green tops that wont be hip next summer, just one sweater ; ). 

I like the challenge of mixing pieces together that I would not normally think of, that way I'm utilizing everything I have and not spending ludicrous amounts of cash on more stuff. Don't get me wrong here, my shopping days are not over by any means and damn it I will never turn into the person wearing mom jeans but for now, I might need to update a few things here and there but just nothing to crazy.

Oh, coming of age.. you hurt so good.


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