With all this information recently coming to light that "organic food is not necessarily better than the average produce", I wanted to tell you all who read my silly blog my opinion on such a heated topic.

I'm not perfect by any means, which of course spills over into the category of eating healthy 24/7. I try my hardest when cooking to use little to no salt, herbs and spices, more poultry than red meat, and lots of veggies and fruit. If I was on a deserted island I think if I could live on strawberries and arugula I would be happy. Anyway, so when I make my way to the grocery store and perusing the produce section my first thought is "what's the price difference between organic and regular?", second is "well am I eating the skin of this piece of fruit or veggie?" third "where does it come from?" Why I go through this process of questions is because my goals in life are to eat well, stray from preservatives and ingredients I can't pronounce and buy local; mangoes do not need to be purchased organic but if we are talking about kale then absolutely.

But why I choose local is because I want to help my fellow Mainers and also free range poultry and grass fed beef are in most cases treated more humanly compared to company's that mass produce meat & poultry (ex. Perdue). They tend not to be  over crowded then fed antibiotics because they are oozing puss and have infections which then we ingest.

Also with grocery stores, I love whole foods with every ounce of my soul but my goodness the amount of money that I can blow there in a matter of minutes is heart stopping, this is why I love Trader Joe's for pantry items and their amazing selection of hummus. But my main stomping ground is Hannaford for a lot of their produce and dairy products- the fact they use high fructose corn syrup in a lot of their products is bothersome but there is a reason for it? right?  

So what do you all have to say or think about this topic? I'm curious.


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