It's just a bunch of hocus pocus!

Good morning, ghouls and goblins.

  (I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear my orange belt.)

Today kicks off the beginning of my three favorite holidays. Tomorrow, "Peaceful Holidays" station on Pandora is a must. (J. told me that I'm not allowed to drag anything Christmas out of the basement till after the election. BOO!) 

We found out the other day from on of our neighbors that hardly any trick or treaters will be coming around. So my elaborate yard display is a no go.. and mix in the weather we've been having it would just be a big Halloween hot mess. Not all hope is lost though, we're still going to carve our pumpkins, put the candy dish near the door and hope for the best!

I wish you all a very spooky, safe and satisfying evening. Viva la sugar coma!   

Happy Halloween

Oh Sandy Babe

I consider my living location to be quite lucky. J. and I survived the storm with minimal damage and flickering of the lights only a handful of times.


When preparing for a storm of this proportion, extra care is needed when stocking your supplies. Ample amounts of water, candles, wellies, cozy blankets, and a trusty (and oh so noble) guard westie are crucial.

In all seriousness, my heart and prayers go out to my fellow east coast-ers who were not as fortunate. May you all have water, food and a safe, dry, warm place to seek shelter if you had to be evacuated. 


People, who read this blog!

I finally am the last women ever (as it so seems) to create a twitter account and to share my instagram-ing.
You can follow me here:
AND here: 
Also, with the change of seasons, I feel the itchy urge to make my blog look a little more, um, more professional and less like a 12 year old's. Which means, I would love input, on anything- topics? design? PLEASE, it helps me to connect to you readers. 

In other news, whose ready for this storm?

My town

On our daily afternoon adventures, Charles & I have really been diggin' our little town lately.

The recipe for a good Friday

Listed below are all the ingredients you will need to create a good Friday.

A rambunctious westie.
Your trusty leopard print flats / Seasonal flowers
An abandoned city.
And finally an elbow patched cardigan.

Now, combined the dry ingredients with the wet and mix until everything is uniform- just don't over mix or your Friday will become rubbery. 

Not sure what this weekend has in store for me. Anyone have amazing plans? Tell me about them!  

Playing it safe

Yesterday was one of those days, nothing I did was right. I'm not sure if it was hitting (and killing) a poor bird while driving or some over excited Labradors who really needed to go out which caused the innocent bystander behind the door to get hit so hard in the face and getting a cut swollen eye that pushed me to my breaking point, I think it was both. 

Today is different, I'm playing it safe. walking on my tippie-toes to avoid danger, wearing my favorite old man cardigan to feel safe and cozy. Ya know, just normal precautions to not upset the delicate balance of fate. 

Has anyone else been the victim this week of strange and terrible days? is it the moon? I'm curious.   

A lovely city

Since we've moved the only time I find myself in Portland is for work, meeting up with friends or grocery shopping. I never really stopped to admire her, even when I lived here. So last night after parting ways with a friend, I took the opportunity to capture some of her beauty.

Portland, I dig ya.

Cat Bounce

Do these shorter days bum you out? go check out, Cat Bounce, to cheer you up. Seriously, go try it out.

via Cup of Jo

Life lately according to my iPhone

Happy Monday.

You know your dog thinks he's a prince when..

He prefers to walk on stone walls because the side walk is not good enough for him.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Best impulse purchase of the century. Bravo trader joe's, bravo.

Things I will never understand

- Why parents would ever name their child to match their last name. Ex: Phillip Phillips.

- How people enjoy raisins.

- Denim on denim. 

- Leather pants.. or tops.. or skirts.

- Painting your Louboutin soles black. Looking at you, Martha!

- Why it's a requirement to take algebra in high school and college, when your major has nothing to do with math and you will never use those ridiculous formulas ever again.

- The Jersey Shore show, and every other reality show for that matter.

- ~*WhY aNyOnE tHiNkS iT's OkAy To TyPe LiKe ThIs*~

- Or txtg shrthnd. Just type out the whole word, it's not that much harder to put a yo in front of a u.

- Spending money on cookbooks when you have free access to the internet and a printer.

Aaaaand happy Friday. I would like to thank the Trader Joe's pumpkin pancake mix I purchased on Monday- for I have been waiting so patiently to make them tomorrow.. this is what has got me through this week. It's the little things in life, my friends. 

Reality Check

As much as this is my favorite time of year, I came to the realization recently that the grass is dying, the trees are quickly becoming bare, tights are becoming a staple wardrobe item and my gardens are kaput. These crisp autumn days are rapidly turning into dark cold evenings, which baffles me every.single. year. I had a moment yesterday when I got home from work and I was just observing the landscape around me and how bare it has become and in so short of time. 

Spring is my second favorite season, when the earth becomes alive again, white clothing is finally acceptable and my sad ghost white legs make their debut. Yes, I'm going to admit it, I really miss my flowers, especially the soft pink peonies and lupines. J. and I were so busy working on the house and commuting to and from Portland that we never got to have our veggie garden we so desperately wanted or to really go wild and crazy like we hoped with landscaping and flower beds.  

My spirits will stay high until January 1st when I hit the wall of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I'm going to try my darnedest to keep myself occupied and happy this winter with being more active outdoors. My thought process is this winter will be more enjoyable. We're living in our dream farmhouse, which now has heat.. MAJOR improvement from last year, and if I get sick of renovating for the day I just have a 3 second walk across the house, much better than the 20 minute drive to the city. I have a better understanding the renovation process, I'm no longer a rookie! after a long winter of much hard work and money our home will (fingers crossed SO tightly) be complete by next Summer, best news ever? I think so.

So until April rolls around, I will be pinning like a mad women our future veggie gardens, green houses we are going to create, flower beds, solar elements we want to incorporate and all the goodies I would like to fill my home with. Bonus of this long wait? I have ample time to get my ducks in a row and to figure out the perfect design layouts both interior and exterior (haaaay glass half full, you are delicious).

So for now, I will cozy up and enjoy the ride through (a soon to be) winter wonderland. I will leave you with this, my friends. Here's to my future!

** please don't get me wrong, I'm beyond excited for the holidays, twinkle lights, Xmas music, trimming the tree, etc and want to enjoy them- it's just it always creeps up on me fast and catches me off guard.

The night the earth shook

We made homemade pizza, sang Michael Jackson songs in perfect harmony, then watched law & order: special victims unit.


We live near an active train about a mile down the road, so naturally I thought it was that. A lot of people thought their oil tanks exploded, which then led to people going outside, which just so happens to be rule #1 of what not to do in the occurrence of an earthquake. Silly New Englanders! Other than Charles being a drama queen.. who insisted on extra kisses and being held everything was alright. 

Viva la 1853 brick (farm) house!  

The mittens


Whenever I notice a lost mitten (or a pair, as in this case) it always makes me stop for a second and think to myself,  "who did this mitten belong to? whose little fingers are going to be cold now? do they realized they dropped them?" I find the whole ordeal a tad depressing, actually. 

What I find the strangest is the lone sock- you know what I'm talking about. You're walking along to your destination and you are stopped dead in your tracks by a single tall dingy athletic sock right smack dab in the middle of the walkway. I feel sorry for the soul who now is missing that one sock, they must be curious was it the laundry mat or the walk home that is the resting place for that inanimate object, they may never know.

Do you think about the owners of these lost objects or do you just not notice and go along your merry way?
I'm curious! 

There were three in the bed and the little one said..

Stop taking photos of me when I'm sleeping, please.
Happy Monday.

*(Yes, there are three dogs in a single crate. No, we are not being cruel- we used to have two large crates, but at bedtime all three would rush into one, so it's their choice.)
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