Apple picking adventure

Being a true New Englander means that come every October you put on your down vest, gather up the people you love and head to your local apple orchard.

My beautiful cousin Zoe and I are only three months apart which means growing up she was my second sister. Our mothers made sure we saw each other often and apple picking became a tradition for us when we were just babies, so we decided to keep this wonderful event going.


It was one of those days that you wish would never end because it was just so much fun.

Now I have about 16 pounds of apples, and you best believe the "do we have enough apples?" joke will probs linger on for a few more days.. J. really loves that one. Also, I think that was without a doubt the single best apple cider doughnut that has ever been created, I could've ate that entire container of them without blinking an eyelash.


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