Broadening my horizons

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to take a photography class. For some reason or the next it never fit into my schedule or it didn't make sense to take one because it wasn't a requirement for my major, etc.

I want to take amazing photographs, not for others approval but just to know I have a skill that I'm proud of.

So my wish is finally coming true, starting October 17th I begin a digital photography and Photoshop class. I'm ready to learn, to improve and to hold the power to capture beauty through my lens.

Then maybes J. will have a greater interest in photography and we will be a power house photography couple.HAH! a girl can wish, right?


  1. Have fun during the lessons! :)

  2. Hey Marie! thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm so excited to start so (hopefully) there will be no lack of fun.


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