Reality Check

As much as this is my favorite time of year, I came to the realization recently that the grass is dying, the trees are quickly becoming bare, tights are becoming a staple wardrobe item and my gardens are kaput. These crisp autumn days are rapidly turning into dark cold evenings, which baffles me every.single. year. I had a moment yesterday when I got home from work and I was just observing the landscape around me and how bare it has become and in so short of time. 

Spring is my second favorite season, when the earth becomes alive again, white clothing is finally acceptable and my sad ghost white legs make their debut. Yes, I'm going to admit it, I really miss my flowers, especially the soft pink peonies and lupines. J. and I were so busy working on the house and commuting to and from Portland that we never got to have our veggie garden we so desperately wanted or to really go wild and crazy like we hoped with landscaping and flower beds.  

My spirits will stay high until January 1st when I hit the wall of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I'm going to try my darnedest to keep myself occupied and happy this winter with being more active outdoors. My thought process is this winter will be more enjoyable. We're living in our dream farmhouse, which now has heat.. MAJOR improvement from last year, and if I get sick of renovating for the day I just have a 3 second walk across the house, much better than the 20 minute drive to the city. I have a better understanding the renovation process, I'm no longer a rookie! after a long winter of much hard work and money our home will (fingers crossed SO tightly) be complete by next Summer, best news ever? I think so.

So until April rolls around, I will be pinning like a mad women our future veggie gardens, green houses we are going to create, flower beds, solar elements we want to incorporate and all the goodies I would like to fill my home with. Bonus of this long wait? I have ample time to get my ducks in a row and to figure out the perfect design layouts both interior and exterior (haaaay glass half full, you are delicious).

So for now, I will cozy up and enjoy the ride through (a soon to be) winter wonderland. I will leave you with this, my friends. Here's to my future!

** please don't get me wrong, I'm beyond excited for the holidays, twinkle lights, Xmas music, trimming the tree, etc and want to enjoy them- it's just it always creeps up on me fast and catches me off guard.


  1. I want that garden, too! haha :) Counting down the years, months, days till I can move out of Florida and have something akin to this...

  2. I know, this photo is so popular.. but seriously what's not to love? it's gorgeous. Are you planning a move soon or just a "someday"?


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