Things I will never understand

- Why parents would ever name their child to match their last name. Ex: Phillip Phillips.

- How people enjoy raisins.

- Denim on denim. 

- Leather pants.. or tops.. or skirts.

- Painting your Louboutin soles black. Looking at you, Martha!

- Why it's a requirement to take algebra in high school and college, when your major has nothing to do with math and you will never use those ridiculous formulas ever again.

- The Jersey Shore show, and every other reality show for that matter.

- ~*WhY aNyOnE tHiNkS iT's OkAy To TyPe LiKe ThIs*~

- Or txtg shrthnd. Just type out the whole word, it's not that much harder to put a yo in front of a u.

- Spending money on cookbooks when you have free access to the internet and a printer.

Aaaaand happy Friday. I would like to thank the Trader Joe's pumpkin pancake mix I purchased on Monday- for I have been waiting so patiently to make them tomorrow.. this is what has got me through this week. It's the little things in life, my friends. 


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