Autumn Bucklist: Revisited

- Apple Picking.
- At least one outdoor dinner party.
- Take our time when putting together our home (hanging art, furniture placement, etc)
- Antique shopping.
- Sunday River moon light chondola ride. 
- Attend the Common Ground Fair; pat every single beautiful velvety lamb nose.
- Visit the William Wegman art exhibit.
- Get creative in the kitch.
- Put cinnamon on anything & everything.

- Lot's of mulled apple cider.
- Carve pumpkins that we chose from a pumpkin patch.
- Network my bum off.
- Reserve time to get cozy (preferably in front of the of one below..)
- Use our living room fireplace every stinkin' chance I got.

- Have a strictly sister day. 
- Bake pumpkin seeds.
- Embrace the glorious slow cooker.
- Hike (or nature walk) one mountain.
- Take lot's of photos.

- Day trip to Rangely.
- Take the puppies on my walks.
- Decorate the house for all autumn-winter holidays.
- Press leaves.

- Go out on the boat.

15 out of 24. Not too shabby!

This autumn was perfect and I'm so grateful to all of you who tune in to read my posts and look at my photos (even if they are from my phone); it means a lot to me!

J. & I have been chatting more and more about starting work back up on the house, which is always exciting (want this massive project to be done so we can enjoy a whole house) Whats more exciting though is we are picking up our second pellet stove tomorrow. The front of the house will have heat! no frozen pipes! no cold puppies! and it's so eco-friendly and cheap to run it hurts so good. We heat the back of the house with a single pellet stove, we are not slaves to the propane man or the oil man, and it's waaaaaaaaay safer than any wood stove or open flame. Life is treating us good these days and hopefully next weekend the Christmas lights will be hung outside, which means there will be an aerial lift involved.. oy!

Happy Monday and I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and four day weekend.



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