Date Night

Tonight J. & I have a date!

It's now become a tradition that every year to kick off the holiday season we attend The Nutcracker ballet at the Merrill in Portland. How this all started is when I was young I attended a few performances of The Nutcracker ballet at the Wang in Boston, which as a small child was just the most magical experience. It's my intention to pass this tradition on when we have kids, because let's be honest here, little holiday dresses and little bow ties make my ovaries hurt. My love for this ballet resurfaced when I went a few years back with one of my favorite people in the entire world (Hi Babs! I miss you!) so having a dude that actually digs the ballet is quite a treat.

After the show, drinks and dinner are a must. Why after the show one may ask? well, I tend to go in a food coma and whine for some yoga pants so, it's always best to carefully plan these outings.

All and all, I'm so so SO excited for a festive evening out in the big city and I have the most fantastic outfit all planned out. Proper photos will be taken and shared, I promise!

Also, happy Friday lovies.


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