Grateful Diaries: 1

I'm not sure if it's the lack of sunlight or just going into winter mode, but seriously I've been experiencing bursts of feeling a little down lately. This time of year is depressing in the sense that the outside world is dying but the holiday season is a time to regroup and spend with the ones you love, it's difficult for me to find the perfect balance.

Once a week until Thanksgiving I will be posting about a certain thing in my life that I'm grateful for. So, here we go!

I don't normally talk about my age difference with J. Some people don't understand and they judge and it's a very delicate topic for me to discuss. My theory with life and love is that if you are so lucky to find a person that you groove with and you love each other unconditionally then other people's word should not sting, but they used to. Man, I tell you it's taken me awhile to become comfortable with photographing ourselves together and I'm ashamed of myself for caring, but I'm human. I'm now at the point where I don't care about other peoples opinions and I've rid my life of the people who passed judgement of my relationship. The man I share my life with is incredible, smart and talented. Yes, we have a significant amount of years between us but we see eye to eye and that's important. He teaches me things that people my age have not learned yet and I hold that quality so close to my heart. He holds the ability to make me laugh so hard that my eyes water and my abs hurt, pure talent. So, here's to you, my love. You are the greatest thing that I've been able to call my own and I look forward to the day when we begin to start our own family so our two souls will be intertwined forever. I love you.


  1. love this!! totally can relate. they're oldies but goodies! very cute and sweet post. J is lucky to have you in his life.

    xox kate

  2. Oh Kate, I know you get this, you always get me and my life and v.v. We are lucky to have such incredible men and they are lucky to have such wonderful ladies.



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