Grateful Diaries: 3

Here we are! the third week of November. Sigh.

Here is week three, myself.


I'm grateful to be me.
For my awkward ways, sassy, headstrong, shy, self.
For my lemon nose, my wonky eyes, my short little legs. It all belongs to me, this is who I am and no matter how many times I wish to be more like someone whether it's confidence or a prettier face this is what I got and I'm proud of who I am. There will never be another Maggie quite as quirky as me.
I'm thankful to have a heart to love, eyes to see, and so on. And my body, oh lord. I don't give my poor body enough credit for all it does for me, I feel this is the case for a large majority of us. We are only given one body, it's not like a cell phone, we can't upgrade to the latest and greatest when we tire of it (of coarse we can modify ourselves, but don't get me started)

 So to my body, I'm sorry for the years of shenanigans I've put you through. I always try to have the best intentions to fuel you with the healthiest things I can get my mitts on, but sometimes that relentless sweet tooth we both know and hate to love gets in the way. Since we're on the topic, I'm sincerely trying to make an effort to squeeze in fitness into our busy days.

I love you and I'm trying the best I can on a daily basis.

(and to my readers, I'm sorry for the two day hiatus- I was feeling a little creatively drained, but I think my supply has been recharged.)

What are you thankful for this week? 


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