Grateful Diaries: 4

Today is a very special day my friends.

Part One: One year ago today, J. & I pulled into this driveway and found the house of our dreams. (The whole story of how it went down is here!)

I'm grateful to have a place I can call my own. For the 2 acres I have, the huge apple tree planted on the side of the house and that J. did not follow my orders to cut it down, for all the flowers that we have planted, for all the hard work, money, time (mostly J) has put into this place. I'm grateful that we have saved such a beautiful home that had fallen to the wayside and brought life back into her soul. I'm grateful we took a big risk and it worked out, much to our surprise. This is the place I want holidays to be celebrated, babies to grow, vegetables to be harvested. This place and I were made to find each other and one day, she will be finished and brought back to her 1850's grandeur. 

Part two: Today is J.'s father's birthday. I've never had the pleasure to meet Peter, but from stories and photos and memories J & family have shared with me I feel that I truly missed out on meeting an amazing man. So, to Peter, I'm forever grateful to you for raising such an exceptional son and thank you for leading us to this house, I know you had something to do with it!


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