NYC Ramblings

 I have this obsession with New York. Wait, let me back up, I've actually never been to New York (the airport does not count) but for some reason I have this deep love for it. But the NYC I'm in love with is somewhere between Breakfast At Tiffany's and Mad Men late 1950's to early 1960's. There is this part of me that whole heartily believes that some past life Maggie lived in New York in some fabulous Brownstone townhouse with a past life Charles. A lot of the blogs I follow are either based in NYC or DC, so on a daily basis I drool with envy their amazing city life.

J. & I always chat about this, that one day we will go, and every time he tells me the Gods honest truth that it's busy, it's dirty, it's stinky but it will blow my mind. I could get past all the negative to go visit at least once in my life, the only fear I have is that I will love it too much and never want to leave, the food, the fashion, the history, the architecture!  Oh, my heart aches to visit a place I've never known.


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