Swooning over the first snow

I waited up till 9 last night (which is really pushing it for my bedtime) to see the snow begin to fall. No dice. I woke up in the middle of the night as I usually do, I opened up the curtain closest to my side of the bed and was so happy with what my eyes were seeing! mother nature covered the land with the most beautiful white blanket. As I laid in bed, snuggled up tight, cozy as can be; I watched the snow flakes fall so quietly and peacefully and fell back asleep. Now if that's not total and utter content, I'm not too sure what is.


The thing about snow days for me is, it really evokes childhood memories and sensations. The taste of blueberry pancakes my Grandmother made when she babysat me, the smell of wet mittens, the first sip of cocoa that burns your tongue, the feeling of your chilled body finally thawing out by the wood stove, the toboggan ride down the pine needle hill, the echoing sound of your boots crunching beneath you while you make your own path.

These days I thank my lucky stars for my volvo's heated seats and a big bowl of oatmeal to keep my morning coffee company. I was so envious of the puppies this morning before I left, they were sleeping in a pile all curled up snoring. Now that's living! I would not have minded staying home today, building a fort in the living room with a roaring fire, reading and eating stupid amounts of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Do snow days stir up any childhood memories for you? If so, please share :)    


  1. I've never experienced snow in my life before.. Its always summer, every single day in my country :((

  2. Snow days definitely bring on those childhood memories! I instantly want to go outside and play! Now if only the cold snow will hit Seattle already ;)
    xo TJ

  3. Marie, sometime in your life you MUST travel somewhere to experience snow. It. May. Blow. Your. Mind.

    Tj, I'm going to be doing a snow dance for you!



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